Make Your Techno Mage's Day!
Download a Free Screensaver for Your Computer

Whether you've grabbed a copy of Urban Arcana, the campaign setting for d20 Modern, or are simply waiting for the opportunity to do so, you can get your own FREE screensaver now. The book itself features races, classes, prestige classes, feats, equipment, spells, magic items, organizations, creatures, locations, and other setting material that can help DMs run the game and players pick up the flavor of the world within which their characters exist. While you won't get this wealth of game material from the free screensaver, the screensaver features the art from the cover of the book and refreshes your monitor so it doesn't get "burned". So, add some scanning action and graffiti to your monitor by downloading this free screensaver and make your Techno Mage happy!

Download it now!

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