Who Are WizOs and What Do They Do?


WizOs are part-time workers who help run the Community portion of the Wizards of the Coast website. They have full authority to enforce the Code of Conduct on the site and make decisions as to appropriate disciplinary action for those in violation of the CoC.

Organizational Structure

The WizOs on the site each belong to a team that deals with a particular area. Some of these teams are ISRP, RPG Forum, Events, Message Boards, and Admin. Each team has a designated lead that coordinates his or her team. In turn, these leads and teams report to a Wizards of the Coast employee who is a site administrator for the Community area and works for the Online Media department at Wizards Headquarters.

Disciplinary Procedures

Generally, a WizO first will warn a patron that he or she has committed a CoC infraction. A second offense will result in that patron's being "booted" from the room. A patron committing a third offense results in losing the screen name with which he or she has logged in. However, this does not mean you can expect three "new" warnings for a different screen name. Warnings are cumulative to the user, not a screen name. Immediately logging back in under another name and breaking the CoC may get that name stripped as well. Someone who has become habitual offender beyond these measures risks banning from the site as a whole.

These procedures are only meant to be rough guidelines, as each chat situation is different and may require other measures to ensure the family orientation of the site. Situations that often require harsher action are: scheduled chats with a guest speaker, very full rooms where WizO-to-patron ratio is low, and flagrant and/or intentional disregard for the CoC.

Becoming a WizO

WizOs are selected from a pool of applications that are submitted by filling out this form linked off of this page.

Selections are made not just based on level of knowledge about Wizards games, but also on the applicant's knowledge of the site and its procedures as well as the needs of the site. So while being a DM for 10 years is a good start, being a DM and knowing the CoC, how games are run on the site, and being an active member is much better.

We sometimes have as many WizOs as we need for a particular area, even if your application is solid. It is to an applicant's advantage to express interest in a number of areas on the site. In the case that all positions are full, however, we will save your application and contact you if there is an opening.