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"Wizards Live!" Chat Program

"Wizards Live!," our chat site, provides fans with an opportunity to communicate directly with the people behind Wizards of the Coast's celebrated products, including the popular Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game and the world's best-selling Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon trading card games.

"Wizards Presents . . ." Premier Chats

Offering game enthusiasts a personal and interactive discussion forum, "Wizards Live!" highlights the latest news, special features and original topics in the games industry with eleven unique shows.

Unless otherwise noted, all our current chats run from 5 to 6 p.m. PT in "Wizards Presents . . . ". Enthusiasts who want details on any of the weekly shows can check out our monthly chat calendars.

Remember that you will need to download the iChat plug-in and either register a screen name or use the guest entrance to visit the chat rooms. You can download the iChat plug-in directly from here. Screen name applications can take one to three hours to process.


  • RPGA Tonight: Tune in every first Tuesday of the month as the RPGA Network plays host to a wide range of programs for members and nonmembers alike. These chats are a great way to get acquainted with what the RPGA does. For more in depth discussions of Network activities, check out the events held in the RPGA Forum or RPGA Events Hall.

  • Sage Advice Live!: See if you can stump the Sage, Skip Williams, with your questions about the D&D, Alternity, and Marvel roleplaying games. Now you don't have to wait for the next issue of Dragon Magazine to hear the Sage's words of gaming wisdom. Held every fourth Tuesday of the month.

  • Industry Edge: Want to know what it takes to get a job Wizards of the Coast or become a fantasy novelist? Looking for tips on how to play a new game? Are you a concerned parent? "Industry Edge" every third Tuesday of the month is just what you're looking for.


  • Pokémon Online Help: Get your seat early! Master_Trainers Mike and Pat hosts our most popular weekly chat. Be sure to look over the transcripts from our previous chats as well -- your question may already be answered! Held from 3-5 PT in the TCG Forum.


  • From the Dragon's Mouth: Chat with the editors of Dragon Magazine and Dungeon Adventures every first Friday of the month, where you can get the story behind the stories.

  • The Designers' Guild: Get the inside scoop from the people responsible for creating your favorite games every second Friday of the month.

  • RPG Hour: This is the place to be every third Friday as we alternate among various roleplaying topics.

  • TCG Hour: Trading cards are the name of the game during this chat session held every fourth Friday of the month.


  • Specials: From time to time, Wizards Live! hosts special programs spotlighting new products and upcoming events.

Have an Idea for a Chat?

Wizards.Community loves to put together chats that our members want. Drop a line to community@wizards.com with your ideas for future guests and topics! Just be sure to check past calendars, we may have already had your suggested guest recently on the site . . .