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How to Participate in Our "Wizards Live!" Scheduled Chats

General Format for "Wizards Live!" Chat Events

These hour-long live chats are usually in a Q&A format. Shortly after the hour, a WizO will welcome announce the topic to the audience as well as "shout" the topic to the site as a whole. The speaker and the WizO moderating the chat will introduce themselves to attendees and usually deliver a short explanation of their relationship to the topic, though some speakers like to go straight to your questions.

If you are late in coming to the chat, one of the WizOs will private message you the topic and protocol for the evening so that you don't need to ask the entire room. If you do not get a message about the topic and protocol for the evening from a WizO, just private message one (PM) and they will help you out!

Enforcement of the Code of Conduct is especially strict during scheduled chats due to the large numbers of people the WizO team must accommodate, so please be courteous during these events.

Protocol for Events with Speakers on the Chat Room "Floor"

When a speaker is on "the floor" it means you can see their screen name alongside everyone else's screen name. The can see everything you type to the room. Usually a speaker stays "on the floor" in smaller, more informal chats (8-12 attendees).

The WizO moderating the even will announce "Protocol is in effect. Put a ? to the screen if you have a question. Put a ! to the screen if you have a comment. You will be added to the queue; please wait to be called on by a WizO. Please have your question typed in to the window so you can just hit enter when called on." So once a Moderator announces the queue is open for questions, you might see a the screen start to fill up with something that looks like this:

Bowmarc says "?"
Silver_Dragon says "?"
Mistonic says "!"

The WizO will call on the first questioner, who can then hit enter to the question she has already typed out in the chat window. Although questions are called on in the order put to the screen, a brand new questioner sometimes will be moved up over those who have already had a chance to ask something.

If you ever feel like you have been skipped in the queue, just private message (PM) the WizO moderating to let him or her know. They can tell you if it was an oversight or where you are in the queue.

Protocol for Events with Speakers on the "Stage"

When a speaker is located on the stage, you do not see his or her name alongside the other screen names of chatters in the room. Rather, the speaker is located on the stage where he or she can only see questions and comments made with the /ask command. If you simply speak to the room, they will not see your message. This feature is usually only used for large chats (more than 12 people).

Once you have submitted your question, the moderator on the stage with the speaker will pass the questions to the speaker to answer. Occasionally, a moderator will exercise discretion by skipping questions that may have been answered already or are off topic. In most cases, however, the questions are answered in the order they are received. Putting your question to the stage repeatedly will not get your question answered faster; rather, it constitutes "spamming" and will get you ignored or removed from the room.