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Risk 2210 A.D.

Updates (5/15/03)

Another player is attacking an empty territory. Can I play a Stealth MODs card and place three of my own MODs in that territory to defend it?
No. You could play the card if the territory contained only a Space Station or a commander, but then the MODs would still belong to whoever owned the territory.

On my turn, I play Armageddon. Can I also play Frequency Jam to prevent another player from joining in the nuclear exchange?
Yes. Technically, however, you need to play the Frequency Jam card first, because once the Armageddon card comes out, only Nuclear cards can be played until everyone is finished.

Someone else played Armageddon. I have no Nuclear Commander. Can I play nuclear command cards anyway, because of the Armageddon card?
No. You still need a Nuclear Commander to participate in an Armageddon.

What counts as a "contested territory" for the 3-territory bonus?
To be contested, the territory must contain at least one enemy MOD or commander at the time you declare your attack. If the territory was cleared of all enemy units before you declared your attack (through nuclear armageddon, for example, or if your opponent empties the territory to fulfill a MOD Reduction card), then it doesn't count as contested. The territory does count as contested if it was occupied when you declared the attack but your opponent then played an Evacuation card.

How does the moon factor into fortifying position?
Assuming you control the necessary Space Stations and Lunar landing sites, the moon is just another territory along the route. For example, assume that you have Space Stations at Siberia and Mexico, and you control the Tycho Lunar landing site. You could, in a single free move, send MODs from Alden to Siberia, from there to Tycho, from Tycho down to Mexico, and then to American Republic (or further). This same thing can also be done with a Space Station as the transit point between two Lunar landing sites (for example, Tycho -- Siberia -- Bay of Dew). Controlling a Lunar landing site gives your MODs global mobility.

What are the yellow squares for on the scorecard?
When playing classic Risk, the yellow squares show how many units the next set of cards will be worth.

What are the 9 blank cards for? They aren't explained in the rules.
You can use the 9 blank cards to make replacements for any command cards that get lost or damaged or to make up your own, new command cards.

What does Iceland GRC stand for?
"Iceland GRC" is an abbreviation for Iceland Genetic Research Center.

Can energy be saved from turn to turn (for example, if you don't spend it all on turn 3, does the unused portion carry over to turn 4)?
Yes, energy can be saved and used in a later year.

My Space Station gives me an extra MOD. Does that affect how much energy I collect?
No. Energy income is determined solely by how many territories you control. The Space Station does control a territory, however, even if there are no MODs in it, and that may affect how much energy you collect.

If a commander's 8-sided die is used for attacking or defending and it loses a matchup, must the commander be lost as a casualty?
No. MODs can always be taken as casualties, even if the commander's die is the only one being rolled, as long as there are MODs available to lose. The commander is at risk only when no MODs are left to protect him. Rolling the commander's die means that the commander must advance, if possible.

Is it legal to roll only 6-sided dice even when a commander is present?
Yes, and there are good reasons for doing so in some situations.

If you rolled a commander's 8-sided die during the early rounds of a battle, but then stopped using it and switched only to 6-sided dice during the round when the defenders were finally wiped out, is the commander forced to advance?
No. This is a smart tactic. If you don't want your commander to advance, then stopping using his die when the defender is down to two defending units.

Can a Space Station ever be moved?
No. Once placed, a Space Station is immobile.

Does a Space Station count as a unit for determining how many dice you can roll during an attack or defense? For example, if a territory contains one mod and a Space Station, can it defend with two dice?
No. A Space Station is not a unit. In the example, the territory would defend with one 8-sided die.

All units in a territory with a Space Station defend with 8-sided dice. Does a Space Station give any bonus to units that are attacking out of its territory?
No. There is no Space Station advantage when attacking.

The rules on Space Stations (page 7) state that "You still control a territory if all you have in it is a Space Station." Moving all the units out of a territory isn't allowed, so how can you ever have a territory with a Space Station but no units?
This can happen as the effect of a command card.

When advancing out of a territory after an invasion, you must leave at least one unit behind. Does a Space Station count?
No. A Space Station is not a unit. At least one MOD or one Commander must be left behind, even in a territory with a Space Station.

Some command cards let players destroy opponent's units. Can a Space Station be destroyed this way?
No. A Space Station isn't a unit. There is only one way a Space Station gets destroyed, and that's if a player who already controls four Space Stations captures another one.

Do you need a Land Commander to attack into or out of land territories?

Is it possible to attack using three 8-sided dice?
Yes; when attacking from land to water or water to land with the Land, Naval, and Nuclear Commander, and when attacking from land to the moon or the moon to land with the Land, Space, and Nuclear Commander. Any of these situations allow three d8s to be rolled. All three commanders must advance if the territory is captured.

Can command cards be kept for later use, or must they be played the same turn they're bought?
They can be held and played during any year.

Can more than one Stealth MOD card be played during an invasion?
Yes. You can play as many Stealth MOD cards as you hold and that apply. Also remember that every time the attacking player rolls the dice, he's making a new invasion, and more cards can be played.

Which nuclear cards can hurt the active player (the one playing the card)?
Three cards: Nicky Boy, Aqua Brother, and The Mother. These cards remove one unit from each territory in a continent or zone. The active player is not immune to this card.

Does Evacuation work like fortifying (i.e., the units move through a path of friendly territories), or can the units move to any other territory you control?
Units can evacuate from the attacked territory to anywhere on the map that's under your control. The two territories don't need to be linked. All evacuated units must go to the same territory.

When a territory is Evacuated and then occupied by the attacker, does it count toward the attacker's 3-Territory Bonus?

If a player is eliminated from the game, does the person who eliminated him get his cards or energy as in Classic Risk?
No. There's no bonus for eliminating a player.

Does a Redeployment card give you an entire free turn?
No. Redeployment lets you do the Fortify Position action twice.

Are there any restrictions on where MODs can be removed to satisfy a MOD Reduction card?
No. You can remove any MODs you feel like losing, even if that leaves a territory empty (you lose control of an empty territory, however, unless it also contains a Space Station).

Do you earn two 3-territory Bonuses if you capture six territories in a turn?
No. This bonus can be gained only once per turn.

All the water territories are empty at the start of the game. That means the first player can buy a naval commander and occupy a lot of them without a fight. Isn't that a big advantage?
Absolutely. Getting the first turn of the first year is an excellent strategy. It's important to make sure that no one gets this advantage cheaply.

Do players tally up their victory points at the ends of their individual turns, or does everyone count victory points at the same time, at the very end of the game?
Everyone counts his or her score at the same time, after the last player completes the last turn.

Doesn't this give an advantage to the player who goes last?
Yes, it does. Going last on turn 5 is an important strategy. Keep that in mind when deciding how to use energy on turn 4.

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