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Avalon Hill Leads the Assault on GenCon

Larry HarrisAvalon Hill plays host to a wide series of events and some of the best minds in strategy gaming at Gen Con this weekend. Friday morning, Larry Harris will play his upcoming game Axis & Allies: Battle of the Bulge with the winners of the Axis & Allies: D-Day tournament. Battle of the Bulge combines all the great play of previous Axis & Allies games with new features such as trucks and supplies and the use of 12-sided dice. Larry will make appearances throughout the con, so make sure you don't miss your opportunity to meet the man and get a glimpse of his latest creation.

If you are in the board game hall on Friday, be sure to check out the Axis & Allies: Europe and Axis & Allies: Pacific tournaments starting at 10:00 AM. At 5:00 PM, the 1st Round of the Axis & Allies Masters Tournament begins. Saturday morning at 8:00 AM you can catch the Revised Mega-Tournament. Learn new tactics and strategies by watching the best of the best playing Axis & Allies in a brutal competition of skill and cunning. Some of the teams playing here at GenCon have been competing together for more than 10 years and bring game experience to the table that is hard to find in any other venue.

AAM Warriors at PlayAxis & Allies Miniatures continues making a strong showing as players of all ages engage in heated battles to determine who is the best field general. Saturday in the Miniatures Hall you can take part in a brand new tournament making use of a specially created Battle of the Bulge scenario that will test your army building and combat skills.

The Axis & Allies product line provides gamers with a wide range of strategic and tactical simulations. Fans can play at the global level with Axis & Allies, to the regional level, with Axis & Allies: Europe and Axis & Allies: Pacific. They can move down to the regional level with Axis & Allies: D-Day and the upcoming Axis & Allies: Battle of the Bulge. Finally, those interested in skirmish-level combat can test their skills with Axis & Allies Miniatures. Whether you want to take over the world or just a part of it, you can challenge your opponents to exciting matches with Axis & Allies.

The Rocketville Race is On!Rocketville has also been pleasing fans of all ages. This fast-paced boardgame from award-winning designer Richard Garfield (Magic: The Gathering, Robo Rally) pits players in a full-throttle political race to become the next mayor of Rocketville. You'll need the support of everyone from robots to aliens in this rollicking campaign.

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