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Rules of Engagement: 2005 Diorama Contest

In celebration of the introduction of Axis & Allies Miniatures, Avalon Hill invites everyone to enter the first-ever Axis & Allies Miniatures Diorama Contest. Using the game’s high quality and collectible miniatures depicting famous World War II infantry units, tanks and weapons, contestants are asked to recreate scenes from this era in world history.

The contest was officially announced at Gen Con 2005 in Indianapolis, where Axis & Allies Miniatures was made available for purchase for the first time anywhere.

How to Enter:

Send a maximum of three digital photographs of your Axis & Allies Miniatures diorama to Attach a completed official entry form to your e-mail. The entry form must include a 50-word description of the World War II battle you chose to recreate.

Alternately, you mail three photographs of your Axis & Allies Miniatures diorama, accompanied by the completed official entry form to:

Avalon Hill
Attn: A&A Minis Diorama Contest
c/o Hunter Public Relations
41 Madison Ave., 5th Floor
New York, NY 10010

Limit one diorama entry per person.

All entries must be postmarked or emailed by 11:59 pm PST, October 14, 2005 and received by Wizards no later than October 21, 2005. Entries must include the completed official entry form.

Entries must depict a World War II battle and include up to a 50-word description of your diorama.

Dioramas must contain between 10 and 50 Axis & Allies Miniatures pieces. No non-Axis & Allies Miniatures merchandise is admissible, except for items serving as landscape (i.e., trees, buildings, etc.).

There will be only one entry category; five winners will be selected, with each winner receiving a complete Axis & Allies Miniatures base set, $500 cash for themselves, and the opportunity to designate a charitable organization, such as their local VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars), veteran’s hospital, local school or other cause, to receive an additional $500.

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