S2 Briefing: The Four Bridges

Let's get this briefing under way. Many resistance operatives died to bring us this information, so use it well.

The Four Bridges
As you can see from the aerial photographs, two rivers cross this area. There are a total of four bridges that control rapid access through this area. It is imperative that we control these bridges while denying enemy access to them. Unlike your past missions, where you have been asked to seize and hold a single position, you must now hold multiple objectives. Your success or failure in this mission will be determined by the total number of bridges you control. Since we must have access across both rivers and we must deny the enemy that same access, your goal is to control 3 of the 4 bridges. This may take longer than your average battle, so feel free to increase the length of the battle as you see appropriate. You will find all documentation you require on the table at the back of the room.


Intel Downloads

  • Download Map Fox - 1 : (complete map, 314 KB .pdf)
  • Download Map Fox - 1a: (half of map sized for normal printers, 164 KB .pdf)
  • Download Map Fox - 1b: (half of map sized for normal printers, 264KB .pdf)
  • Download Map Fox - 2 : (complete map, 413 KB .pdf)
  • Download Map Fox - 2a: (half of map sized for normal printers, 188 KB .pdf)
  • Download Map Fox - 2b: (half of map sized for normal printers, 237 KB .pdf)

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