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S2 Briefing
Robert Mull

All right soldiers, here's the latest intel we have on the front lines. Our photint assets have brought us back some remarkable imagery of two new battlefields. We also have some reference sheets for you that will provide you with the latest info on enemy force dispositions.

In our first slide, we have a small town that was once surrounded by fertile farmland which has been turned into swampy marshes by continuous artillery fire and bombardment. Our boys have taken to calling it "Swamptown" and despite being a boggy mess, your mission is to seize and hold the bridges in this town. The town has the only two bridges to cross this river for miles in either direction. The valley is predominately farm land so that means there is very little cover. You would be wise to watch out for German units sitting on the far ridge making use of their superior range as you approach the city. The town itself is of little importance, what we need to control are these two bridges which are actually outside of the town. This means that you will have to fight your way through the town and have a unit directly on each bridge. Being near the bridge is not enough.

The Ridge
This next slide shows a ridge that must be taken at all costs. The crossroads on the ridge represents the only known pass through these mountains. If we control it, then our forces can continue their assault on the enemy. Our opponents know this and are determined to get there first and control this crucial terrain. The hills and mountains of the area mean that combat will most likely be at close range, unless you can beat your opponent to the ridgeline. That means you must either choose fast moving units or units suited for close range combat. Expect a tough fight with an enemy using the mountainous terrain as cover.

Combat Intel
Right now my aide is passing around some handouts. You will find a complete reference sheet that should come in handy when facing your opponents. All information that you need in combat has been condensed into one sheet of paper. You will also find our latest intelligence on Axis and Allied force dispositions effective 2 December 2005. Some of you already have detailed information on some of these units, but this list will let you know what other units you can expect to be facing. Read this thoroughly and make whatever preparations you feel necessary. If that is all, you are dismissed.

Intel Downloads

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