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Combat Zone: Scenario & Tiles

Combat Zone is a retail support program for envents. Our October Combat Zone kit came with posters, medals, 12 copies of a new scenario, special single map tiles printed on heavy cardstock, a window cling, reporting forms, tournament and league paperwork and our Orders of the Day newsletter. Future kits will also include a promotional mini that will be pulled from upcoming sets before they are released to the public.

Thanks to the good people who run Combat Zone, players can enjoy some of the same features that come in our kits. Now you can download Scenario CZ-1: The Defense of Hill 207, the same scenario that went out in our October kits. You can also download Combat Zone Tile Set I as a .pdf. If you have ever wanted to add hills, forests, towns, marshes or clear hexes to one of your existing maps, then you need to download this .pdf.

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