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Vegas Showdown, Part 4!
Architecture 101!

Compared to the game board, Vegas Showdown's Hotel-Casino Sheets may look a bit blah -- just a small, numbered grid and a large, plain grid. Don't be fooled by its apparent simplicity, however, because a lot of exciting action takes place on that sheet. The numbered grid is where you keep track of your (rising, we hope) Population and Revenue. The larger grid is where you actually build your hotel-casino!

The 8x5 grid is divided into three areas -- a blue hotel area, a yellow casino area, and a third, unnamed, common area between them. Astute readers will remember that the feature tiles are also color coded in blue, yellow, and green. There's a reason for that.

The tiles have doors indicated on their sides. The Hotel-Casino Sheet indicates where the main entrances are, on opposite sides of the grid.

When positioning tiles on the layout sheet, they must be connected to one of the two entrances. Moreover, yellow casino tiles must connect to the yellow casino entrance, and blue hotel tiles must connect to the blue hotel entrance. Green tiles can connect to either entrance. Note that yellow tiles don't need to be placed in the yellow casino area, they just need to connect to that entrance. The same goes for blue hotel tiles.

Tiles don't always have their doors arranged just the way you'd like. Fitting all the rooms you've purchased into your floorplan can be a challenging puzzle -- one that you build turn by turn without knowing what pieces will become available later on. Let's say, for the sake of illustration, that you have a Slots tile, a Lounge, a Night Club, and a Restaurant, and you'd like to place them on your Hotel-Casino sheet. One possible arrangement is shown below.

Note that the yellow Slots tile is connected directly to the casino entrance, but the blue Restaurant tile is connected to the Hotel entrance through the green Lounge tile. The Lounge is an excellent entrance tile because it has a doorway in every wall section.

The player has wisely filled up every space on his Hotel section -- this will earn five extra Publicity points at the end of the game. He'll get the same bonus again if he manages to fill the Casino section.

In the illustration below, the player has opted to connect the Hotel and Casino sections with continuous tiles, earning another three Publicity Points. He's also done something else to earn more points. Some of the top-flight Premier Tiles have red corners: Dragon Slots, Space Age Sports Book, Fancy Lounge, Theater, Fancy Restaurant, and Five-Star Steakhouse. If you position those tiles so that three or four red triangles are positioned together, they're worth one (three corners) or three (four corners) more Publicity points. In the example, the player has created two three-way corners and one four-way corner for five bonus points.

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