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War at Sea: Bomb Alley
07/25/2008 - Allies and Axis forces play a deadly game in the waters of Malta. The first War at Sea scenario featuring Task Force miniatures! (more...)
North Africa: Tunisia, Pt 2
07/17/2008 - Highlanders struggle against a Fallschirmjager ambush to reach Jefna! (more...)
North Africa: Tunisia, Pt 1
07/16/2008 - Play the latest scenario for the North Africa: 1940-1943 set! (more...)
North Africa: Operation Brevity
06/10/2008 - Play the latest scenario for the North Africa: 1940-1943 set! (more...)
North Africa: Ruweisat Ridge
04/07/2008 - Play the latest scenario for the North Africa: 1940-1943 set! (more...)
North Africa: The Battle of Mechili
03/28/2008 - Play the first in an all new series of North Africa: 1940-1943 scenarios! (more...)
1939-1945: No Going Back
03/01/2008 - After nearly four years of fighting, the Soviets ar only fifty miles from Berlin. One of the war’s last, epic battles is about to begin. (more...)
1939-1945: Turning the Abucay Line
02/07/2008 - Allied defense of the Philippines is crumbling. Now, US troops must force a last stand in the Bataan Peninsula. (more...)
War at Sea: Lions, Tigers, and Bears
01/23/2008 - The German battleship, Tirpitz, has put to sea. Now, British commanders must consider a full spectrum of enemy threats. (more...)
War at Sea: In Harm's Way
12/17/2007 - The Allied cause in the South Pacific is breaking. In a desperate effort to stop a Japanese invasion of Borneo, Allied vessels launch an assault at the Sunda Strait. (more...)
War at Sea: Action Deferred
12/12/2007 - The Italian Navy, under pressure to avenge the loss of three battleships, seeks to regain the initiative from the British. (more...)
European Campaign - Pt. V
11/15/2007 - The 5th Division of the 3rd Army attempt to break the stalemate at Metz, France by attacking Fort Driant. (more...)
The Battle of Lausdell
11/02/2007 - When the German offensive in the Ardennes opened, speed was of the essence. Can the Americans hold the crossroad at Lausdell and stop a German breakout? (more...)
Battle of Corinth Canal
08/24/2007 - Can a determined Allied resistance withstand a daring commando and paratroop assault to snatch the sole bridge over the Canal? (more...)
Operation Cerberus
07/06/2007 - The Scharnhorst and the Gneisenau must quickly navigate the English Channel before British defenses can react. (more...)
Speculative History Pt. 4
06/29/2007 - The Scharnhorst and Gneisenau engage in raiding in this ficitional scenario. (more...)
Speculative History Pt. 3
06/01/2007 - What would have happened had the Vichy French naval fleet ventured out to stop the American landings in North Africa? Victory or defeat lies in your grasp in Operation Torch Flare. (more...)
Combined Guadalcanal Campaign Pt. 8
05/28/2007 - During the night of November 14th, a Japanese attack force under the command of Admiral Kondo makes a last ditch attempt to clear away American ships from Iron Bottom Sound at Guadalcanal in order to land a force at Guadalcanal and bombard the American forces there as well. (more...)
Combined Guadalcanal Campaign Pt. 7
05/25/2007 - In the early morning of November 13th, 1942, a Japanese naval force, under Admiral Abe, moves toward Guadalcanal with orders to bombard Henderson Airfield. The force is detected on radar and American ships sortie out to do battle. (more...)
Combined Guadalcanal Campaign Pt. 6
05/18/2007 - Japanese and American forces fight over possession of Henderson Field in the latest two scenarios for our ongoing Combined Guadacanal Campaign. (more...)
Combined Guadalcanal Campaign Pt. 4
05/11/2007 - Japanese forces under the command of Lieutenant-General Kawaguchi strike at Marines defending Hill 123 along Edson’s Ridge on Guadalcanal in this latest scenario for Axis and Allies Miniatures. (more...)
Combined Guadalcanal Campaign Pt. 5
04/25/2007 - Two carrier forces under the command of the Imperial Japanese Navy and United States Navy converge on the Santa Cruz Island in the South Pacific to join battle. (more...)
War at Sea: Guadalcanal Campaign Pt. 3
04/18/2007 - We have revised Pt. 3 of our Guadalcanal Campaign so it now has two separate possible scenarios so that the overall campaign branches properly. (more...)
Speculative History Series Pt. 2
04/11/2007 - In an alternate history, elements of the 122nd Marine Battalion must hold a bridgehead on Kushikino Beach. The Japanese defenders must prevent the Marines from digging in. (more...)
Combined Guadalcanal Campaign Pt. 2
04/04/2007 - American Marines fight resolute Japanese defenders on the island of Guadalcanal. This scenario has two different parts, each to be used depending on the outcome of the naval battle in Scenario 1. (more...)
Central Pacific Campaign Pt. 1
01/31/2007 - On the Island Fortress of Betio, the well prepared Japanese defenders are prepared to throw the attacking American Marine forces back into the sea. Find out if they will succeed in this Axis and Allies Scenario Contest winning entry. (more...)
War at Sea: Guadalcanal Campaign Pt. 1
03/21/2007 - The Japanese Task Force must seize the Allied landing area at Guadalcanal or cause significant damage to the Allied surface force protecting the landing. (more...)
Speculative History Series Pt. 1
01/17/2007 - In an alternate history, on April 25th 1945, elements of the 69th Infantry Division must hold the Elbe River near Torgau from advancing Russian soldiers. (more...)
Market Garden Campaign Pt. 4
01/03/2007 - Attacks from German forces in several forces seek to divide the 1st Battalion of the 508th and force it to concede its objective of taking Nijmegen. (more...)
Market Garden Revised Scenarios Pt. 1
12/22/2006 - Here are two Market-Garden scenarios revised for use with stock maps. (more...)
Combat Zone Hex Tiles Set III
12/08/2006 - Trenches, Ruins and Sand comprise the latest set of downloadable hexes for use with Axis and Allies Miniatures. (more...)
D-Day Revised Scenarios Pt. 2
12/02/2006 - The next three D-Day Scenarios that have been revised and updated for use with stock maps are now available. (more...)
Market-Garden Campaign Pt. 3 - The Bridge at Best
11/24/2006 - Company H of 2/502nd PIR set out to capture the bridge over the Wilhelmina Canal at Best. The bridge garrison must hold the bridge until reinforcements arrive. (more...)
D-Day Revised Scenarios Pt. 1
11/17/2006 - We have started revising some of our custom-map scenarios for use with the starter set maps. What are you waiting for? Download and get playing. (more...)
Gen Con So Cal 2006 Scenario
10/27/2006 - If you are going to Gen Con So Cal this year, get a head start on the competition and start playing the special Gen Con So Cal scenario today. (more...)
Far East Campaign Pt. 1 - The First Battle of Nomonhan
10/20/2006 - In response to repeated Soviet incursions along the Halha River, the Japanese 23rd Infantry Division dispatched a detachment to the area to chastize the local Soviet “bandits.” (more...)
European Campaign Pt. IV - A Measure of Revenge
10/06/2006 - As the 2nd Free French Armored Division, under the leadership of Genera LeClerc, move eastward, Hitler rushes in reinforcements and orders a series of counterattacks. (more...)
Market-Garden Campaign Pt. 2 - Hell's Highway Christened
09/22/2006 - The spearhead of the XXX Corps advance into Holland but the SS and Fallshirmjäger forces lie in wait, hidden amongst the trees and boggy terrain. (more...)
Market-Garden Campaign Pt. 1 - The Kraftt Line
09/15/2006 - The Recon Squadron for the 1st Parachute Brigade begins to move towards Arnhem but a hastily assembled German platoon stands in their way. (more...)
D-Day Campaign Pt. 5 - Assaulting the Bluffs at Fox-Green
09/08/2006 - Scattered elements of the 16th and 116th RCT struggle to organize themselves on Omaha Beach and assault the objectives at Fox Green. (more...)
D-Day Campaign Pt. 7 - The Ambush of the First Hussars
09/01/2006 - The First Hussars roll out to reconnoiter the countryside south of Riviers where German anti-tank soldiers wait in ambush. (more...)
D-Day Campaign Pt. 6 - Flanking Le Hamel
08/31/2006 - The 1st Hampshires must fight house by house with the determined German garrison to break the defense of the French town. (more...)
D-Day Campaign Pt. 4 - Sword Beach Liberation
08/25/2006 - The Free French Commandos must flush out the Germans from the Riva Bella Complex by whatever means necessary. (more...)
Grossdeutschland Campaign Pt. 7 - The Russian Jungle
08/18/2006 - Amidst the tangled, snow covered confines of the Karachev forest; I.R. Grossdeutschland must prevent Soviet units breaking out of the pocket formed by the battle of Bryansk, while also capturing the sawmill at Annino. (more...)
GenCon: Battle of the Bulge Scenario
08/03/2006 - GenCon plays host to a new Axis and Allies Miniatures scenario specific tournament. Find out everything you need to know to compete now, then Download the Scenario! (more...)
Bocage Busting pt. 2
07/28/2006 - To break through Normandy's tough hedgerows, the Allied armies needed new weapons and new tactics. The learning process, like the battle itself, was long and deadly. (more...)
Bocage Busting
07/26/2006 - Just a few yards beyond the beaches of Normandy, the Allies encountered an obstacle nearly as great as the invasion itself -- miles and miles of Normandy's mazelike hedgerows. (more...)
Blitzkrieg Campaign Pt. 2 - They Shall Not Pass?
07/21/2006 - Hoping to finally stop the Germans advance, the 3rd DLM and survivors of the 11th RDP were ordered to hold in and around Hannut. (more...)
D-Day Campaign Pt. 3 - The Landing of the Regina Rifles at Nan-Green
07/14/2006 - At 0745 hrs on June 6th 1944, the leading waves of A Company of the Regina Rifles and First Hussars land abreast of Courselles-sur-Mer at Juno Beach. (more...)
Grossdeutschland Campaign Pt. 6 - Closing the Ring
06/30/2006 - As Infantry Regiment Grossdeutschland moves towards Konotop, it must deal with determined Soviet resistance south of the Sejm River at the village of Sswetschinko. (more...)
Grossdeutschland Campaign Pt. 5 - Defiance at Kraglowka
06/23/2006 - The return of the Grossdeuschland Campaign. 1st Battalion Grossdeutschland must defend the vital Kraglowka Railway Embankment against overwhelming odds. (more...)
D-Day Campaign Pt. 2 - Strike at 'WXYZ'
06/16/2006 - At 0900 on June 6th, 1944 a Paratrooper squad of the 502nd Airborne Regiment under command of S/Sgt. Summers assaults the building complex code-named ‘WXYZ’. (more...)
Combat Zone Pt. 2 - Seize the High Ground
06/14/2006 - Download this scenario from the March Combat Zone kit as well as new combat hex tiles. (more...)
Combat Zone Pt. 3 - Beachhead
06/02/2006 - Organized Play has created a new large scale map and scenario to coincide with the release of the Axis and Allies Miniatures D-Day expansion. (more...)
D-Day Campaign Pt. 1 - Pegasus Bridge
06/09/2006 - Well before Allied forces hit the beaches on D-Day, the U.K. 6th Airborne Division had landed on the ground and waged a desperate battle to hold a bridge crossing the Caen Canal. (more...)
Italian Campaign Pt. 2 - Breakthrough into Po Valley.
05/26/2006 - Stanley Yuen submitted this Honorable Mention in our first Axis and Allies Miniatures Scenario Contest. Italian and German forces engage the British and American armies as they drive up the peninsula towards Berlin. (more...)
South Pacific Campaign Pt. 2 - Pacific Firestorm
05/19/2006 - William A. Sackman submitted this Honorable Mention in our first Axis and Allies Miniatures Scenario Contest. American Marines hold on while Japanese forces counterattack on the island of Peleliu. (more...)
Burma Campaign Pt. 1 - The Green Jerboa
05/12/2006 - Elindo Castro submitted this Honorable Mention in our first Axis and Allies Miniatures Scenario Contest. Japanese forces struggle to hold out in heavy fog until reinforcements arrive. (more...)
Crete Campaign Pt. 1 - Maleme Airfield
05/05/2006 - The winner of our first Axis and Allies Miniatures Scenario Contest, Ian Darley, submitted this winning scenario pitting New Zealand forces against German paratroopers on the island of Crete. (more...)
Grossdeutschland Campaign Pt. 4 - The Minsk Pocket
04/28/2006 - The Grossdeutschland Campaign returns. Reacting to the nighttime ambush of the 17th Company in Kaminka, elements of the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Battalions of Infantry Regiment Grossdeutschland attempt to drive the Soviet forces from the town. (more...)
Encirclement of Nancy Pt. 3 - Chateau-Salins
04/21/2006 - After breaking out of the Dieulouard bridgehead, Combat Command A of the 4th Armored Division occupied high ground east of Nancy in extended positions. Meanwhile, Manteuffel's 5th Panzer Army concentrated to the southeast and launched an all-out assault on the 19th. What ensued was one of the largest tank battles on the Western Front. (more...)
Encirclement of Nancy Pt. 2 - Chambrey
04/14/2006 - North of Nancy, the American 80th Infantry Division gained a foothold across the Moselle on September 12th. German resistance was weak, allowing Combat Command A to cross on the same day and begin the exploitation phase of the battle. (more...)
Encirclement of Nancy Pt. I - Luneville
04/07/2006 - South of Nancy, reconnaissance elements of Combat Command B crossed the Meurth river and ran into their counterparts from 15th Panzergrenadier Division as it was falling back toward the town of Luneville. (more...)
Blitzkrieg Campaign - A Defiant Gesture
03/31/2006 - After a hard fight the Germans took the town of Sedan and were next threatening to expand their bridgehead over the Meuse River. This week we present an additional scenario set in Stonne that provides a different viewpoint on this battle. (more...)
Grossdeutschland Campaign Pt. 3: Breaching the Weygand Line
03/24/2006 - Infantry Regiment Grossdeutschland is tasked with widening the breach in the French defensive line south of Amiens. Thereby clearing the way for the stalled infantry regiments of Panzergruppe Guderian. (more...)
Grossdeutschland Campaign Pt. 2: The Road to Dunkirk
03/17/2006 - As Guderian’s XIX Corps fights its way towards Dunkirk. The 2nd Battalion of Infantry Regiment Grossdeutschland is tasked with seizing a bridge over the Aa Canal. (more...)
Grossdeutschland Campaign Pt. 1: The Verdun of 1940
03/10/2006 - As the main body of Guderian’s XIX Corps race towards the channel coast. Infantry Regiment Grossdeutschland is tasked with covering the left flank of the advance. (more...)
North African Campaign Pt. 5: Stubbing the Toe
03/03/2006 - With their quarry both green and overextended, Germany broke through the Kasserine Pass in spectacular fashion. Yet their success against the Allies proved fleeting as Axis infighting and indecision allowed U.S. and British forces a chance to make key stands against dispersed enemy battlegroups. (more...)
Non-Historical Campaign: A Ridge Too Far
02/24/2006 - The Germans have built a strong defensive position that overlooks a flat plain. Your mission, to take out the enemy's tank destroyers. Your dilemna, will you survive long enough to do so? (more...)
South Pacific Campaign - Ordeal on Biak
02/17/2006 - In early 1944 MacArthur proposed the capture of Biak Island to not only end the New Guinea campaign, but also to provide a forward base of operations for his planned return to the Philippine archipelago. (more...)
Eastern Front Campaign - Part II: Hell's Gate
02/10/2006 - Germans of Army Group South, pocketed by Red Army advances in 1944, were forced to fight their way out through encircling enemy lines. In the darkness, they bumped up against T-34 tanks, setting off a desperate dash to escape across the Gniloi Tikich stream. In this solo scenario, you control a group of German tank hunters (panzerjagers) trying to clear a path for the fleeing troops. (more...)
Winter War Campaign - Part II: Cool Reception
02/03/2006 - Despite hundreds of Soviet dead littering the frozen surface of Lake Tolvajärvi, the Soviet 139th Rifle Division pressed its westward advance against the Finnish 4th Corps. Here, the Finns stiffened their defense and pressed with an attack of their own - which culminated in a bloody, close-quarters assault on a lakeshore tourist hotel. (more...)
Bonus Scenario - Blood From Stones
01/27/2006 - Forming an ad hoc Kampfgruppe with SS forces, shattered elements of Panzergrenadiers and the once-formidable Brandenburg Division attempt to blunt the Soviet thrust on Berlin. (more...)
European Campaign - Part III: Operation Vital Ground
01/20/2006 - Field Marshall Erwin Rommel’s defense plans at Normandy called for immediate counter-attacks to drive the Allies from the breaches in their lines. Updated 1/23/06 with corrected map (more...)
European Campaign - Part II: L'Audace!
01/13/2006 - Increasingly desperate, the French high command cobbled together a counter-attack force to retake the channel port of Abbeville. Victory here could reunify the Allied forces. (more...)
Winter War Campaign - Part I: Boulder Dash
01/06/2006 - Soviet sappers advance upon Finnish antitank emplacements under the cover of armored support. But this is not tank country, and the Finns have camouflaged tank-hunter teams lurking on the Soviet flanks. Without armored cover, the Soviets may just fall prey to the overlapping fire zones of the Finnish machine gun and mortar teams. (more...)
European Campaign - Part I: Operation Spring
12/30/2005 - Following the disaster that was Operation Goodwood, General Bernard Montgomery turned to the Canadian Corpsin an attempt to break out of the Normandy beachhead, as well as to steal a march on the Americans before their offensive, Operation Cobra, was launched. (more...)
North African Campaign - Part IV: The Gazala Ram
12/23/2005 - In a final effort to relieve the isolated 150th Brigade at Knightsbridge and cut off the German spearhead the British launched their last tank reserves, the 2nd and 22nd Tank Brigades, in a final attack. (more...)
Operation Citadel: Clash of Steel
12/23/2005 - Fight through one of the largest tank battles ever fought. Three scenarios using 150+ point armies and reserve units you must commit before the first battle starts. Will you be able to hold the day or will your armor be swept aside on the open fields of Kursk? (more...)
Dutch Indies Campaign - Part II: Armored Carjacking
12/12/2005 - An Allied convoy rushes headlong into a Japanese ambush and engages in a bloody firefight. Some spirited Japanese attackers have set their sights on a grand prize - a Dutch armored car. (more...)
Dutch Indies Campaign - Part III: Raid!
12/16/2005 - Armed with a captured Dutch armored car, Japanese airborne forces close in on their target - a British airfield. Salvaging heavy weapons from aircraft and manning anti-aircraft guns, Dutch territorial troops and British ground crews make their stand. (more...)
Eastern Front Campaign - Caught in the Crossfire
12/02/2005 - The Germans are moving towards Leningrad and a handful of KV-1s are all that can be spared to stop the armored juggernaut. Can a few KV-1s stand against a swarm of lighter Panzer IIIs? (more...)
Dutch Indies Campaign - Part I: Hell Furnaces of Sumatra
11/30/2005 - We kick off the release of Set II with a new campaign series focusing on Japanese paratrooper actions in The Dutch Indies. (more...)
Combat Zone: Scenario & Tiles
11/04/2005 - Ever wonder what goes into a Combat Zone kit? Read on and download a scenario and free tiles for use with Axis & Allies Miniatures (more...)
Bonus Scenario: Operation Avalanche
11/02/2005 - Here's a great scenario which you can play with only the pieces out of the Axis & Allies Miniatures Starter Set. Perfect for teaching a friend to play or for a quick game. (more...)
Guadalcanal Campaign - Part IV: Desperate Resistance
10/28/2005 - Our Axis & Allies Miniatures Guadacanal scenario series comes to an end with this final scenario pitting a rearguard Japanese force trying to delay the inevitable American advance. (more...)
Guadalcanal Campaign - Part III: Cracking the Gifu Line
10/14/2005 - Our Axis & Allies Miniatures Guadacanal scenario series continues as elements of the 25th division attempt to manuever a light tank into position to crack the infamous Gifu Line. (more...)
North African Campaign - Part III: Shoot the Gap
10/07/2005 - The third in our North African series of scenarios for Axis & Allies Miniatures focuses on an armored engagement during the Second Battle of El Alamein. (more...)
North African Campaign - Part II: Come Out & Fight!
09/30/2005 - The second in our North African series of scenarios for Axis & Allies Miniatures focuses on an armored engagement during the Battle of Alam Halfa (more...)
Guadalcanal Campaign - Part II: December Offensive
09/23/2005 - The second in our ongoing Axis & Allies Miniatures Guadacanal scenario series depicts the desperate battle for control of the terrain around Mount Austen. (more...)
North African Campaign - Part I: It Makes One Cry!
09/15/2005 - The second in our ongoing series of scenarios for Axis & Allies Miniatures focuses on the desperate battle for North Africa and the Battle of Ruweisat Ridge. (more...)
Guadalcanal Campaign- Part I: Consolidation
09/09/2005 - Our first ongoing scenario series for Axis & Allies Miniatures showcases the struggle for Guadacanal. Joing Brave & Love Companies as they seek to take the village of Matanikau. (more...)

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