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War at Sea -- Bomb Alley
Convoy Battles for Malta
by Paul Rohrbaugh


The Some of the most intense and dramatic battles at sea involved those with the convoys to the besieged island of Malta. The island was located in an ideal location by which Allied warships, aircraft and submarines could intercept Italian ships and convoys heading to North Africa, supplying the Italian Army and General Rommel’s Afrika Korp. The waters to and from Malta became known as “bomb alley” for the intense gauntlet of attacks the Allied transports and their escorts had to run in order to reach Malta’s main port of Valetta.

War at Sea - Bomb Alley:
Convoy Battles for Malta

Note: This scenario makes use of the maps of the Two Player Starter Set and uses miniatures from the set and the War at Sea: Task Force expansion set.

Scenario WAS-4: Convoy Battles for Malta (4.3 MB zipped.pdf)


One of the most famous convoy runs to Malta was that of the Pedestal Convoy out of Gibraltar. The island was critically short or fuel, food, weapons and on the verge of surrender. From the 9th to the 16th of August 1942 the convoy ran a gauntlet of air attacks, as well as reacting to threats from the Italian navy. The operation was run without any support from the ships based out of Alexandria, and with very little air support. Ultimately the Italian navy made only a token effort at intercepting the Allied escort force. However, 10 of the 14 transports of the Pedestal convoy were sunk and the surviving ones were all badly damaged. The epic of the tanker Ohio is one of the war’s true sagas, and with the supplies that did make it to the beleaguered island, Malta was able to hang on just enough to endure to carry the fight to the Axis another day.

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