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Opening Salvo: Pt. 6
War at Sea -- Task Force Set
by Rich Baker

The new Axis and Allies Naval Miniatures: War at Sea -- Task Force set hit store shelves on Jul 25th! For our sixth salvo, we take a look at Japan's Yahagi and the USS Cleveland.

While the heavy cruisers of the Imperial Japanese Navy were some of the finest in the world, most of Japan’s light cruisers were old, lightly built and lightly armed ships. The Nihon Kaigun included only four modern light cruisers—the four ships of the Agano class. The Agano-class ships were not very heavily armored and only mounted six guns in their main battery, but they did carry the deadly Long Lance torpedo. Yahagi was the third of the class. She joined Yamato’s ill-fated final sortie in April of 1945, and was sunk by overwhelming American airpower.

USS Cleveland
Japan’s Agano class consisted of four ships; by comparison, the U.S. Cleveland class eventually numbered twenty-nine ships. The Clevelands were heavily armored, and carried twelve 6” guns as well as twelve 5” guns—well over twice the firepower of the Japanese Agano-class ships.

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