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War at Sea: Lions, Tigers, and Bears
by Paul Rohrbaugh


Summer, 1942
The Allies are stretched further with the entry of Japan into the war. This especially brings new hardships and challenges to the war-torn Royal Navy.

Indeed, escorting convoys to the Soviet port of Murmansk proves a daunting mission. The newly commissioned German battleship, Tirpitz, has significantly bolstered the Fatherland's Luftwaffe and U-Boat fleet. British convoy commanders must consider a full spectrum of enemy threats, unsure which of these “lions, tigers and bears” they would encounter.

War at Sea - Lions, Tigers, and Bears:
The Battle at the North Cape

Note: This scenario makes use of the all sea maps of the Two Player Starter Set.

Scenario WAS-3: Lions, Tigers, and Bears: The Battle at the North Cape (3.8 MB zipped.pdf)


The Allies were able to keep the convoys going to and from Murmansk, but not without sacrifice, delays, and the loss of many ships and men. The biggest loss came when convoy PQ-17 was scattered when the Tirpitz sortied for the first time. Although the monstrous German battleship never came across any Allied ships, the scattered transports were easy pickings for the U-boats and Luftwaffe. How to come up with a sufficient and balanced escort would be a conundrum that drew upon large numbers of Allied ships, personnel and weaponry that lasted until the war’s end.

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