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Gen Con So Cal 2006 Scenario
Operation Typhoon
by Ian Richards

This scenario will be featured at a special tournament next month at Gen Con So Cal 2006. Additional information will be posted in the near future in regards to when/where at Gen Con So Cal this tournament will take place. Any additional information players will need to know will be posted at that time.


In September 1941, after the successes of their earlier offenses, German high command determined Moscow to be the most important military and political target. They anticipated that the city’s surrender would lead shortly afterwards to the general collapse of the Soviet Union.

On October 2, 1941, German Army Group Centre, under Fedor von Bock, launched its final offensive towards Moscow, code-named Operation Typhoon.

After stiff fighting in late October and some near defeats, German divisions committed to the final assault on Moscow in early November. The German forces numbered 943,000 men, 1,500 tanks, and 650 planes, while the Soviet forces had been reduced to a shadow of their former selves, with “barely” 500,000 men, 890 tanks, and 1,000 planes.

More importantly, the ground had now frozen—the German armored and mechanized divisions anticipated being able to attack in “Blitzkreig” fashion. Conversely, the Russians had bolstered their defense with much improved defenses. Our scenario concentrates on the German Third Panzer Army’s push on Kiln, right on the outskirts of Moscow itself, on November 14th, 1941.

Scenario GCSC-06 - Operation Typhoon.

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