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GenCon: Battle of the Bulge Scenario
Operation: Gen Con Indianapolis 2006

AAM: Battle of the Bulge Scenario

Operation: Gen Con Indianapolis 2006 (GCI2006)

Download the Official Scenario Now! (1.4 MB zip)

Technical Briefing:

On a wintry December day in 1944, German armies plunged into the semi-mountainous and heavily forested Ardennes region of east Belgium and north Luxembourg. The goal was to reach coast, trap four allied armies, and force a negotiated peace on the Western front.

With the German Offensive achieving total surprise, nowhere did the American troops give ground willingly. After three days, the defiant American stand and the timely arrival of reinforcements insured that the ambitious German objective was far from achieved.

In the snow and freezing temperatures the Germans fell well short of their initial objective - the reaching of the Meuse River. All the Germans accomplished were to create a ‘Bulge’ in the American line. In the process they expended soldiers, tanks and materials they would find were irreplaceable. Four weeks later, with heavy losses on both the Allied and German sides, the ‘Bulge’ ceased to exist.

The Battle of Bastogne was a smaller battle in and around the Belgian town of Bastogne, during the larger Battle of the Bulge. The battle lasted from December 1944 to January 1945. During the battle, German divisions surrounded and attempted to capture Bastogne. The town was being held by the American 101st Airborne Division and Combat Command B of the U.S.

Though the American forces were cut-off from their supply line, without winter clothing, outnumbered, and unable to be resupplied or supported by air due to some of the worst winter weather in years, the Germans were unable to take the city. Bastogne became a large obstacle in the German armored advance because of the major road junction there.

When the winter weather finally cleared, Allied planes rushed in to restore aerial superiority, and delivered much-needed supplies of food and ammunition to the division. Patton's Third Army was now battling to relieve Bastogne. At 16:50 on December 26 the lead element of the 37th Tank Battalion of the Fourth Armored Division reached Bastogne, ending the siege.

Our scenario and later sample build, is representative of the offensive and the build is representative or engagements during Patton’s drive to bring relief to the dogged defenders in Bastogne.


Day: Saturday August 12th

Offensive Start: 14:00 hours (2 PM)

Number of rounds: Single Elimination. Only the most heroic will be victorious!

Prize: Tactical Victory will ensure your division receives reinforcements to add to your collection.


Players must bring both a 200-point American and 200-point German build.

Players can ONLY use German and American units to build with.

Players can build with up to 20 Units.

All units must be dated 1944 and before on the stat cards.

A maximum of 130-points can be spent on Tanks (armor). Light vehicles (Armored Cars, Half-tracks, jeeps, motorcycles) are light vehicles and do not count as Tanks (armor)

Aircraft: Maximum of 1 Aircraft and ONLY available for the Americans. Aircraft can NOT be deployed until round 3 due to terrible winter weather.

Heroes: Maximum of one Hero per side.

Parachutists: A maximum of three Parachutists can be used by either side. They must be deployed in the same way as normal units due to adverse weather.

Game Play:

Players will use two dice (2d6) with the winner choosing to be either the Germans or Americans.

First side to score 160 points or more wins (Tactical Victory).

Objective Hex Points:

  • Sole occupier of the objective with no adjacent enemy units -- +15 points toward your victory total.
  • Sole occupier of the objective hex but with adjacent enemy units -- +5 points toward your victory total.
  • Objective hex control is checked after all players have completed their assault phase and all destroyed units removed.

If players simultaneously reach 160 points, then the player scoring the highest total points win. Example: In the final round, player A has a total of 164 and Player B has a total of 171 -- Player B wins.

If both players fail to score 160 points, then the highest scoring player wins. Example: Player A scores 120 points and Player B has 101 points -- Player A wins. I want to reward aggressive play much like the scenario.

Sample Forces (Build):

German - Holding back the advancing Patton!

Veteran Tiger x1 - 65 points
MG 42 Machine-Gun Team x2 - 10 points
Wehrmacht Veteran Infantrymen x6 - 5 points
sGrW 34 81mm Mortar - 11 points
Grizzled Veteran - 8 points
Sd Kfz 250 - 8 points
Jagdpanzer 38(T) Hetzer - 20 points
Wehrmacht Oberleutnant - 13 points
Panzerfaust 30 x2 - 5 points

StuG III Ausf. D - 15 points

Total: 200-points – 18 units.

American – Desperate to break through to relieve their fellow countrymen encircled at Bastogne.

M4A1 Sherman x3 - 21 points
"Red Devil' Captain - 7 points
Bazooka - 4 points
M1 Garand Rifle x6 - 4 points
M5 Half-Track x3 - 14 points
M16 Half-Track - 15 points
M7 105mm Priest - 27 points
Resourceful Hero - 8 points
Jeep x2 - 4 points

Total: 198-points – 19 units.

Scenario card, including map layout, is now available.

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