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Combat Zone Pt. 3 - Beachhead

The June Combat Zone Retailer Kit includes a special beachhead map and scenario to coincide with the release of the Axis and Allies Miniatures D-Day expansion. Normally, the contents of a retailer kit are exclusive for at least a month, but for this month only, we have both the scenario and map available for download now.

Combat Zone gives retailers additional resources to run tournaments and events. The beachhead map in the June kit is a single uncut map the size of four regular maps. Players should contact their local gaming stores to see if they order the Combat Zone kits. It's a great way to get additional scenarios, maps, tile hexes and miniatures. It's also one of the best way's to meet other AAM players in your local area.

Scenario: Combat Zone Pt. 3 - Beach Invasion

Beach invasions took place all over the world during World War II. From storming the beaches of Normandy, to contesting river crossings in the plains of Russia, or fighting amphibious assaults in the Pacific islands. This scenario allows you to recreate a typical beach assault.

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