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Encirclement of Nancy Pt. 3 - Chateau-Salins
by Steve Winter


After breaking out of the Dieulouard bridgehead, Combat Command A of the 4th Armored Division drove through weak German resistance toward the hills around Arracourt to sever the Germans' main line of retreat from Nancy. But the Germans were not finished with the fight. Third Panzergrenadier Division cut the supply road between 4th Armored and Dieulouard. Meanwhile, Manteuffel's 5th Panzer Army concentrated to the southeast. It strongly probed Luneville on the 18th and launched an all-out assault against extended US positions around Arracourt on the 19th. What ensued was one of the largest tank battles on the Western Front.

Scenario: Encirclement of Nancy Pt. 3: Chateau-Salins


Manteuffel's attack that began so ferociously was halted by early afternoon. The green crews of 111th and 113th Panzer Brigades lacked the experience, and the understrength veterans of 11th Panzer Division lacked the vehicles, to regain momentum. By the end of the day, the Germans were driven back to their jumping-off positions at a cost of 50 tanks that they couldn't replace.

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