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Encirclement of Nancy Pt. 2 - Chambrey
by Steve Winter


North of Nancy, the American 80th Infantry Division gained a foothold across the Moselle on September 12th. German resistance was weak, allowing Combat Command A to cross on the same day and begin the exploitation phase of the battle. A German counterattack, however, pushed backed CCA's reconnaissance elements nearly to the bridgehead at Dieulouard. The 37th Tank Battalion, commanded by Lt. Col Creighton Abrams, quickly crossed the river and came to their rescue.

Note: This scenario uses new maps introduced in Pt. 1 of this campaign.

Scenario: Encirclement of Nancy Pt. 2: Chambrey


The 37th's counterattack allowed the infantry to regroup and stabilize the situation. By evening, the German push had been ground down and the bridgehead was once again secure. CCA pushed on the following day, fighting three more engagements with the 3rd Panzergrenadier Division and 553rd Volksgrenadier Division. By the 14th, CCA was astride the main east-west road into Nancy and in position to capture Arracourt.

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