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Non-Historical Campaign: A Ridge Too Far
by Robert Mull

The Challenge

While the Germans have been driven back by the tireless Soviet forces, they have not given up. A hand picked force has been chosen to hold the line against an oncoming armored juggernaut at all costs. The Germans have the benefit of terrain, position and superior range and have at their disposal the famed Nashorn. Can the Soviet’s yield a force sufficient to overcome the powerful Axis defensive line?

Note: This scenario makes use of the George and Easy map sets as well as the Combat Zone Terrain Tiles.

Player Notes:

Allies: Speed is the key for the attacking player. The Nashorns and PAK 40’s will be your biggest enemy as their superior range ability will allow them to begin firing at you before you can fire back. Generally speaking, let disrupted units fire at the enemy and keep rushing all other units to close with the enemy. Don’t ignore the PAK 38s or you will find their punch is sufficient to take out damaged units trying to close with the Nashorns.

Axis: It’s possible to position your Nashorns behind a hill so that they cannot be hit at range, provided your opponent hasn’t placed terrain in a spot that blinds you. The Nashorns and your PAK 40’s are your primary firepower. The remainder of the units allow you to create a screen your enemy must breakthrough to get to your Nashorns. The most difficult decision you will have to make may be whether to shoot at closing tanks or kill disrupted/damaged tanks at a distance. Choose wisely.

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