Opening Salvo: Contested Skies Pt. 2

As the next expansion for Axis & Allies Miniatures - Contested Skies, draws closer, we reveal more about the new game mechanics involved with the addition of airplanes. Last week we gave you a partial stat card for two units and the images of two new miniatures.

As can be seen below, the Stuka has a movement value of "A." Aircraft don't get placed on the battle map during deployment, and they don't move around. Instead they are placed during the flight phase and then removed from the battle map at the end of the turn. As a reminder that they don't move around the battle map, aircraft have an "A" on the stat cards where the speed value should be.

Now it's time to show the stat cards for our two preview minis from last week:

Finally, we have our preview pictures. Next week we will show the stat cards for the following two miniatures.

Check back next week for more on aircraft game mechanics, new stat cards and new preview minis. Now that you've seen the previews, go to the Axis & Allies Miniatures message boards to discuss them!

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