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Opening Salvo: Set II Stat Cards

Last week we showed you a sneak peek of 5 different units from Set II for Axis & Allies Miniatures. This week we identify the units and give you a first look at the stat cards that go with them.

IS-2 Model 1944
This late war Russian heavy tank packed a huge 122mm gun that allowed the Russians to go head to head with late war Panthers and Tigers. Although it had a slow rate of fire because of its two part ammo, the IS-2s heavy armor more than protected it from its Axis opponents.

Cossack Captain
While the Cossack Captain lacks long range firepower, their reputation as fierce fighters allows them to influence short range combat against enemy soldiers.

PIAT Gunner
This spring loaded antitank weapon allowed soldiers to fire without a telltale flash of light or smoke. Because of its relatively small size, it was frequently used by British Paratroopers at such famous battles as Arnhem and Pegasus Bridge when no other antitank support was available.

Veteran M4 Sherman "Rhino"
This late war version of the Sherman features brushcutters and a veteran crew for only a few more points than the stock M4A1 Sherman. With the addition of the Rhino brushcutters, Allies were able to easily negotiate the tough hedgerows of the Bocage.

This German tank destroyer carried the legendary 88mm gun giving it incredible range and firepower. While it suffered from a high profile and thin armor, it could stop the heaviest tanks of the day.

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