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Battlefields II: Twin Rivers & Twin Peaks
by Robert Mull

This week we again present two new map configurations that will require you to have two sets of maps between you and your opponent. These maps share a general common theme as you are required to hold two separate hilltops for objective purposes.

Please note that these map configurations are not sanctioned for tournament play. While objectives have been placed on these maps, they are purely arbitrary and can be moved as the players desire.

Twin Rivers

Twin Rivers makes use of the Able – 2 and Baker – 2 maps. Both players have a river to contend with before they can reach their objective. This tends to push units to the sides of the map to make use of the roads, which allow rapid movement up the map for vehicles.

While the hill in the center of the map provide some cover, there are a great number of locations where your opponent can place his own units under cover and fire at the objective hexes from considerable range. This leads to mid-range fire fights and showcases units with the Strike and Fade ability and the High Gear ability. While units can hold both objectives while using the hills as blocking terrain, they are still exposed to fire from the flanks. Can you hold the center while defending your flanks?

Twin Peaks

Once again you are called upon to seize and hold two hilltops in the middle of the map. Twin Peaks makes use of the Baker - 1 and Charlie - 1 maps. Once again the hilltops provide cover and blocking terrain but are exposed on every side to terrain that can provide shelter to your opponent's forces.

The roads provide rapid movement up the map while the forests provide soldiers with the ability to leapfrog from cover to cover until they are within striking range of the objectives. This map favors fire and maneuver tactics, making use of the blocking terrain to focus your firepower on individual enemy units while screening yours from the majority of their force. Initiative rolls will play an important role in the battle as players will be presented with the difficult decision of moving first and seizing key terrain, or moving second and focusing their firepower on enemy units.

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