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Battlefields: New Map Configurations
by Robert Mull

Battlefields presents players with new map configurations for use with Axis & Allies miniatures. This week we present two new map configurations that will require you to have two sets of maps between you and your opponent.

Please note that these map configurations are not sanctioned for tournament play. While objectives have been placed on these maps, they are purely arbitrary and can be moved as the players desire.

Shooting Gallery

If you ever wanted a map configuration that allowed tanks to battle it out at long range, then this is the set-up for you. Shooting Gallery makes use of just two maps, Charlie – 2 and Dog – 2. With this configuration, line of sight can be as far as 20 hexes, allowing tanks to pound on each other at long range. At the same time, enough cover exists for units to sneak up the sides of the map until the range is more favorable to them.

The roads provide fast moving units a easy route to reduce the range and sneak from cover to cover while the hills provide commanding views of the objective and surrounding terrain. Long range battles eventually become deadly close range combat as units battle for sole control of the objective. Don’t wait too long to make your move on the objective or you might find yourself unable to close the distance and clear it of enemy units.

Meeting Engagement

This unconventional map arrangement results in a very playable game. Meeting engagement makes use of the Charlie – 1 and Baker – 1 maps. While there are very clear lanes of fire between the wooded areas, there are a great number of ways units can close with the objective without subjecting themselves to fire.

The woods provide screening and cover for soldiers and vehicles to move up close to the objective. The small town on the Charlie – 1 map can prove to be vital as, with the right units, you can deny your enemy access to much of the map. Expect lots of short range combat within the forest hexes as units vie for control of the objective.

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