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GameForce 500 Euro Tournament Eindhoven

Henk Claassen

Date: 7 september 2002
Head Judge: Jaap Brouwer
Judge staff: Henk Claassen, Eučne Bos, Corina den Haan, Cornelis van Bruchem
Site: VTA Henriëtte Roelants
Format: OBC Block constructed
Attendance: 73


Twan van de Wat selling Magic cards
As TO and Judge I meet a lot of players and the Traders in Magic Cards, when judging tournaments. Jorryt van Hoof and Twan van de Wal from GameForce, asked me if I wanted to organize and Judge tournaments in Eindhoven, as there where none there. I said that was fine if they could get me a site. It was a bit too far for me to go and look at possible sites. They had a site, so I started organizing Standard tournaments.

After a while they told me they would like to sponsor a tournament in which the first prize would be 500 euros and asked if I would like to organize it. Additionally they would add 8 booster boxes as prizes for places ending in places 2 till 32, giving a lot of players a chance at winning boosters. I agreed as long as they would guarantee that even if only 8 players showed up the 500 Euros would still be paid out. They guaranteed it; they would give me the money and the booster boxes at the beginning of the tournament.

This said and agreed upon it was up to me to see what I needed to run such a tournament. The first thing was getting a Judge staff. This was easy as in my club we have another certified Judge and a number of players who are interested in becoming Judges. That brought the Judge staff up to 4. I didn't like the idea of being a TO and Head Judge so I approached Jaap Brouwer. I had worked with him before at several PTQ's. He agreed.


We arrived at the site on time, which was already setup to hold 80 people. Having received 64 pre-registrations it didn't seem we would need more space. So I sat up the computer and printer. We put empty decklist papers on several tables and I made it clear to all players I would only register them when they handed their decklist.
As Jaap Brouwer came in we talked about how he wanted to run the tournament. I was to be scorekeeper for the day, and the rest would be on the floor. He asked if I had enough ink and paper so we could be working with score-slips. That was no problem as I had counted on us using them.
After registration was done we had an international tournament, as there were some Belgium's, Germans and even a stray American who joined our Dutch band of players

Round 1

We got started later than I wanted but it couldn't be helped, it usually happens anyway. As we were counting the decklists the first calls for a judge was coming in. It was once again a problem with Braid's Cabal Minion. The usual, as a player had forgotten to sacrifice an artifact, creature or land. I thought we were going to see more of this problem, but it was the first and last time we were called over for it.

Some time later there was another call for a Judge. A player had played his second land this turn. This is a serious infraction and it ended the game for him.

And then there was a player who had a Solitary Confinement in play and targeted himself to draw some cards. This was another game ender and a warning for his opponent.

Round 2

This round is traditionally for solving the decklist problems. We only had one incorrect decklist as a player registered 59 cards. He actually forgot to register a basic land.

After the deck checks where done a judge was called over to a table. A player just played a proxy. Jaap got called over and he had a talk with the player and explained that playing with proxies is "not done". He asked if the Beloved Chaplain, or Charlie as we call him, was his only proxy. It wasn't. There where Glory and Skycloud Expanse proxies in the deck as well. Jaap Brouwer then gave him the option to either take a match loss and drop from the tournament, or be disqualified. He chose for option one.

While this was happening, a player mixed-up his graveyard and removed from the game pile. He played a Chainer's Edict from his graveyard but wasn't sure if he hadn't removed it from the game when he played a skeletal Scrying. As Jaap Brouwer was dealing with his problem I went over to the table. I had a short talk wit Jaap Brouwer and he told me to remove all card in the graveyard from the game. I explained to the player what was going to happen. He was to untap all lands, empty his manna pool and then remove all cards from his graveyard. He was just getting a warning for this infraction.

Later I had a talk with Jaap Brouwer on this problem and said I thought I would have given a game loss. He said I wasn't wrong but he found that removing the graveyard from the game was punishment enough.

Round 3

Jaap Brouwer and Henk Claassen having a break
After deck checks a player approached me and said he was missing one card, which was probably in his friend's deck. They where playing with the same type and color sleeves and had played a friendly match between rounds. The card was found, but unfortunately it gave both players a game loss too.

Another player forgot to discard down to 7 cards as his opponent played an upheaval the previous turn. It was discovered in time and a card was belatedly discarded.

Round 4 till 7

After 3 rounds we were up to 10 recorded penalty's and I thought there where going to be a lot more. Players were getting used to their decks fortunately and no more penaltys where handed out.

It was 7 pm when the rounds where played so the players who made top 8 got a meal, curtsey of our sponsor, as did the Judge staff.

While they were eating I got to hand out the prizes for places 9 till 32 ranging from 10 boosters to 3 boosters for nr 32.

Top 8

The top 8 saw 3 GU madness decks, 3 mono black decks, 1BU Upheaval/Infestation deck and 1 GWU control deck.

As players were getting ready to battle it to the top each table got a table Judge. The Judge who looked over the match between Willem Giesbers and Jelger Wiegersma said later it was the most boring match he had ever seen. In all matches there had been 50 turns in which all they did was draw a card, play or not play a land and then pass the turn. He didn't want to sit through another session like that.

So I volunteered to table Judge it. I wasn't disappointed though. It may not have been exhilaratingly quick but it was Magic being played, as it should. In the last game Jelger Wiegersma's life total had been reduced to 1 when he got total control. With Cunning Wishes being "Forked" with Mirari to get back Moment's Peace and a Cunning Wish, going for the kill with Elephant Ambush. All of this powered was by the manna doubling Mirari's Wake. It was fun to watch a deck coming together like that. Wilco Pinkster took it with a smile, he had lost to the deck before that day.

Jelger Wiegersma and Jan Doise Sharing their winnings
On the other half of the bracket Jan Doise was playing UG madness as he emerged to the final. It was 9:30 pm by now and both players wanted to draw and go for a prize split. So the tournament was now over. All that was left for us to do was pack our bags and go home. But not before we had a drink with Jorryt van Hoof and Twan van de Wal. It had been a busy but fun day.


And now I'm getting ready for the next one, which I going to be Sealed Deck when Onslaught has been released. It's fun being able to organize such big tournaments and give away so many prizes. I'm thankful to GameForce for giving me this opportunity.

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