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National Championship Netherlands - Judge Report

Henk Claassen

Date: 11 / 12 Mai 2002
Head Judge: Jaap Brouwer
Judge staff: Marco van Leeuwen, Jan Willem Barends, Han Tesselaar, Angelique den Brok, Roel Huting, Jasper Overmans, Jan de Vries, Edwin van Eijk, Henk Claassen
Site: De Mallejan Maarsen (Utrecht)
Format: 1st day Boosterdraft / 2nd day Standard
Attendance: 102


This story actually starts a bit earlier than on the actual day of the National Championship. We thought it would be nice to have a draft in which the boosters were marked for a change instead of straight from a sealed pack. So in the week before the championship I went to Jan Willem Barends and in one evening we managed to mark two Odyssey draft runs. We started at 8 PM and finished at about 1:30 am. No problem as I didn't have to work the next day. Jan Willem Barends managed the Torment runs the next day. So for the first time since the Dutch nationals are being held we had marked boosters to draft from.

Day 1 Set Up

After the set up of the site a briefing by Jaap Brouwer followed.
I got there early being the first to arrive. I knew where it was, thanks to a good map but estimated the time needed to get there a bit wrong and arrived a quarter of an hour before the rest arrived. No problem as I needed to set up the computer and printer. I was just ready when the other judges started to arrive.

We where told what was expected from us. After this we were divided into teams as we were going to use the Judge team system. With 10 judges for day one we had 2 teams of 4 judges, leaving Jan Willem to do score keeping. We had a lot of experienced judges present as all the Judges were level 2 or higher. The players were registered before admitting them to the site. We sold a lot of sleeves and pens, as players didn't come as well prepared as you would wish.

Draft 1

We handed out the material to the players and we were off. There were no problems as Jaap Brouwer called the draft, giving the players some extra time to check if Jan Willem and I accidentally forgot to mark a single card in a booster. Well we did a good job; no one found a card that wasn't unmarked. Deck construction started, and the team I was assigned to were responsible for the deck checks for this draft round. So we started collecting deck lists and handing out lands to players who, even though they had been asked to bring their own land (there was but a limited supply available), needed it.

Round 1

As the players started we were busy counting lists and alphabetizing them. There were the usual decklist problems and round 2 would see some match losses because of too few cards in the maindeck. After sorting there was some time left for judging.

Round 2

We started off by getting the decks selected for checking and everything went well with my first one. The problem was with his opponent's sleeves that were determined to be Marked deck -Major. On the first look at this deck my partner picked out 6 cards with similar marking that were nearly all of his mountains. As I took a quick look through the rest of the sleeves I found a different marking that were on a lot of sleeves. This was probably from being used some but as I started flipping them over I noticed that there were a lot of white cards and hardly any other color. This is what might happen if sleeves and cards are not shuffled before being put in. As it turned out the another deck check had a similar problem. This was unfortunate for both players.

Round 3

Another deck check. Ours went fine, but the other half of the team had another problem with a Marked deck-major. After this some more floor waking and time for a quick soda.

Draft 2

We seated the players and handed out the material for the second draft. This went smooth as Jan Willem and I had managed to mark all cards. One Torment booster had a double Organ Grinder in it. I told him to proceed with the draft figuring that if we hadn't removed the foils from the packs to begin with there would have been more double cards. During Deck construction a player called me over and asked if he played a Last Rites and was able to "Fork" it with Mirari would he have to discard cards for the copy to. I said yes and explained that the discard took place after the spell resolved and is not part of the casting cost as it is with for spells such as Acceptable Losses.

Compare the text for these two spells:

Acceptable Losses:
As an additional cost to play Acceptable Losses, discard a card at random from your hand. Acceptable Losses deals 5 damage to target creature.
Last Rites:
Discard any number of cards from your hand. Target player reveals his or her hand, then you choose a nonland card from it for each card discarded this way. That player discards those cards.

Round 4

Mirari's activation pays for all costs to put a copy of the spell on the stack
As the other team was doing deck collecting and checks we were walking the floor and handing out result slips. Even after an appeal from Jaap Brouwer to check and double check the decklist two players managed to record too few cards on their decklists. The round went smoothly for the rest of the time.

Round 5 and 6

The last rounds were fairly uneventful as day one was coming to an end. I got called over to a table and was asked by a player who controlled a Chamber of Manipulation if a Shades Form, that was being played on the Crypt Keeper his opponent controlled, still would enchant it if he activated the Chamber of Manipulation and he took control of the Crypt Keeper. I said yes, it would still enchant it as the Crypt Keeper just changed controller but didn't leave play at any time. I left it at that. I could not "coach" him by telling him he could take control of the Crypt Keeper and sacrifice it before the enchant creature spell resolved.


As the day ended we cleaned up the site and then the 10 of us went for something to eat. We had a great time and after that some of the guys came over to my place to crash, but not before we had a few beers and a draft for the 6 of us. It was 2 am when I turned party-pooper and said it was time to turn in. We needed to get up at 7.

Day 2

I got up at 7 and after a quick shower woke up the rest of the guys. We set up the table and had breakfast. We got to the site in time and had a review from the last day. The number of judges was reduced somewhat as the format was standard and 10 judges would be overkill. So we had 3 teams of 2 judges and one judge who was going to do side-events. We registered to see is if all players leftover from day 1 were all there and dropped the ones who didn't show up.

Round 7

We collected the decklists during the beginning of the round, just to be sure we didn't miss one, and this allowed for a deck check straight off. There were just two problems as one player managed to list 56 cards on his decklist and one other missed one in his sideboard.

Round 8

After deck checks, I did some more judging and I got called over as a player had accidentally drawn an extra card. He was playing with Phyrexian Arena and drew a card from it and the one at the beginning of his draw step. After a question if he had subtracted 1 life from his total due to the Phyrexian Arena there was some "scuffle" and he couldn't remember if he had drawn his card and did. He put it among his others and at this time I was called over. I listened to both players and then called Jaap Brouwer over and told him what was told me. We decided on a gameloss, as we had no way of determining, which of the cards in his hand was the last drawn card. He was very upset about this, but accepted the punishment. I should have given his opponent a warning because he "allowed" his opponent to draw the extra card. Jaap Brouwer corrected this though.

Round 9 till 12

These rounds went by with minimal problems; the most "serious" problem was when a player accidentally flipped over the top card from his opponent's library as he picked up his opponents graveyard to look at the cards in it. The revealed card was no game breaker, but better to err on the safe side so I called Jaap Brouwer over to be sure he thought it was looking at extra cards and not more serious.

Top 8

I got to table Judge one of the quarter finals. After this I stuck around for the semi's and the final that saw Tom van der Logt to his third Nationals title, the second in a row as he won the Dutch National Championship last year too.


Just as with every event I judged I had a good time and to be honest once again I learned a lot. It was fun to work with Jaap Brouwer again, and I must say I enjoyed working with all the other judges.

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