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JUDGE POINTS: Judgment Prerelease Report

Sheldon Menery


Event: Judgment Prerelease, Anchorage
Site: Dimond Mall, Anchorage Alaska
Date: 18 May, 2002
Players: 64


Sheldon K. Menery, Level 3, David Phifer, Level 1, Ariel K. Jones, Level 1
Scorekeeper: Lisa Menery

Tournament Setup

Unseasonably warm weather led to a smaller-than-usual turnout for this Prerelease. Local players gave no indication one way or the other how the early release of spoiler affected their attendance.

The event was held on the second floor of the Dimond Mall, in a less-trafficked area than our previous events. The acoustics were better, and though there was some walk-by interest, there were far fewer interruptions for the players than when we were on the first floor. I still stand by the value of holding the event in a moderately public area.

As with all our Prereleases, we create a festival atmosphere, with loads of door prizes and giveaways. Every round, we give away something. Traditionally, we give away the small and large posters in the final 2 rounds. Other giveaways included full sets of Chronicles and Fallen Empires, souvenir badges, and other Pro Tour memorabilia. For this event, we also put the pre-registrants into a special drawing for a box of product. I suspect we'll have even more players preregister.

Relevant Rulings

Here's a sampling of the questions that came up during the day:

Q: Can a player use the cards returned to his hand with Spurnmage Advocate before the targeted creature is destroyed?
A: No. The cards are returned during resolution, not as part of the cost of playing the ability. This part of the ability is not targeted; the cards are chosen during resolution. There's no priority between that action and the action of destroying the creature.

Q: Does a Flashbacked Grizzly Fate count toward Threshold?
A: No. Whether or not the player has Threshold is checked on resolution. The Grizzly Fate card is on the stack at that point, so it can't count toward Threshold.

Q: How many counters are removed when multiple creatures block a PhantomCentaur?
A: One. Combat damage is dealt as a single, simultaneous, indivisible event. The Phantom Creature is dealt damage once and therefore only one counter is removed.

Q: If Phantom Centaur is blocked by a black creature, which ability-the Phantom ability or the Protection from Black-applies?
A: The controller of the Centaur chooses. When two different replacement effects attempt to modify the same event, the player affected or the controller of the permanent affected chooses which applies. If the damage is prevented by protection from black, the Centaur will not lose a +1/+1 counter. If the damage is prevented by the Phantom ability, the Centaur will lose a +1/+1 counter.

Q: How are the cards ordered with Morality Shift?
A: You may order the cards that were in your library and are now in your graveyard however you wish. The cards that were your graveyard and are now your library will get shuffled during the resolution of Morality Shift.

Q: If I Flashback a spell and then my opponent plays Spelljack, what happens to the Flashbacked card? Is it removed from the game still?
A: It's put into your graveyard. Spelljack "loses track" of the Flashbacked spell, and the Flashback replacement ability of removing it from the game will no longer apply.

Q: Do I need two creatures in play to play Swelter?
A: Yes. You need two valid targets. If one of the targets becomes illegal/invalid before Swelter resolves, it still does two damage to the other one.

Q: Can I play Swirling Sandstorm if I don't have Threshold?
A: Yes, but the spell has no effect unless you have Threshold when it resolves.

Q: Can I add cards from my binder to my Sealed Deck?
A: No. This is cheating. You will be caught and disqualified.

Final Thoughts

Once again, our sponsors from Bosco's Cards and Comics came through by providing tables and chairs, allowing us to distribute more prizes to the players. Forming a bond with a good sponsor is the key to a successful event, especially in the smaller markets or where resources are scarce. Up-and-coming Judge David Phifer did an excellent job Head Judging the event; he has a promising future in the DCI.

Until next time, salute!

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