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Odyssey Preview (Evanston, IL) - Judge Report

Jeb Adams

How I got around to writing a judge report. If you are not interested in this skip to the tournament report part.

Back in the Dark Ages, I got my Level I honors from the DCI at PT-Chicago '99. I took a written test, did pretty well (got ooh, about ZERO of the Floor Rules Q's right though), judged two drafts, which pretty much ran themselves, as Andres Konstanczer was playing in them, and he seemed to have a pretty solid grasp of the format, and I answered some Q's at the Junior Super Series that James Do Hong Lee was judging, but those didn't get much harder than "Can this block this?" "Yes." I interviewed with Colin Jackson, who told me I needed to learn the Floor Rules, and someone else, maybe Chris Zantides, who told me I needed to learn the Floor Rules, and then I was a judge. I got a t-shirt, $16, piles of CD's I can't use (format of choice: Mac), and loads of premium cards.

Then, around the Renaissance, word got out that one had to do some tasks to keep his judgeship, to wit:

  • Judge a tournament.
  • Write a report about it.

This was going to be troublesome. I'm quite religious, and Friday nights and Saturdays are right out for me. So, there goes about 95% of the available tournaments for me to mooch onto and maintain my stead. The few Sunday tournaments around here are either pre-releases which draw on a stable of judges and are run by forces I'd rather not deal with or already have a "regular" judge, whose gig I'd be trumping. So, I figured my judgeship would run out after a spell.

...but it never did. I kept getting little credit cards, and more disks, and I got one of those Memory Lapses, and various little perks, but I had this nagging guilt that I wasn't really doing my part. Sure, I was the quasi-third in command of 5-Color Rules in my head, and I developed the 5-Color Draft format with Mark Gresbach, but beyond asking annoying Illusionary Mask questions of the list, I hadn't really given much back to the game.

Until Sunday, Sept 30, 2001, at Something Wicked in Evanston, IL. The "regular" was at a Grand Prix in Minnesota or something, and they needed someone to help out with the Odyssey Preview they were running. So, keep those cards and what not coming, Wizards! Here's your report!

Tournament Report

REL 0.5. Lots of the kids are new, new set, don't need to freak anyone out. So, REL I, but with more cautions than warnings and game losses should there be heinous infractions.

Sealed Deck: Tournament Pack + 2 boosters, 1 extra booster before you go for $20. Prizes are Pre-Cons, boosters, and some premium cards (mostly foil arena Plains), for 1,2,3 and then 4 random door prizes. 45 minute deck construction, 45 minute rounds, Straight Swiss. 18 Players.

Round 1: 13:20 Start.

QUESTION: Tainted Pact: If I haven't removed anything from the game yet, can I get anything?
ANSWER: (I don't think he really understood how the card worked, but didn't want to offer strategic advice.) You can remove cards from the game with Tainted Pact one-at-a-time, and take any of them, until you remove one that has the same name as one you've already removed. (He always took the first card. C'est la vie.)

Attackers must be declared before this can be played

QUESTION: Second Thoughts: When can I play this? It gives me threshold for a Mystic Zealot I want to block with if it has Threshold. (This was asked out loud, after attackers were declared.) ANSWER: You can play that in the Attack Phase after attackers are declared and before blockers are declared, or after blockers are declared, or after damage is on the stack.

QUESTION: Regeneration Shields: Do these last more than a turn? ANSWER: No.

QUESTION: Shower of Coals: Can I target the same thing more than once? ANSWER: No. Any spell that targets more than one [foo] can only each of those [foo]'s once.

Round 2: 14:10 Start.

My first cautions: One player started with a 39 card deck, as his opponent had shuffled a Kirtar's Desire of his into his deck. Cautioned both of them, shuffled it into the appropriate deck (it couldn't have affected either game), and told them they got off lucky, as this was normally a Game Loss.

QUESTION: Liquid Fire: Targeting a Lithatog, when do I pick the amounts of damage dealt? ANSWER: On announcement.

When Threshold is reached, an additional ability is gained

QUESTION: Chainflinger: Tap {1R} to deal 1 to opponent, opponent says I have to pay {3} after threshold. ANSWER: No, threshold just ADDS a {2R} to deal 2 ability, it doesn't remove the {1R} to deal 1.

Caution on a player for looking at cards in his library. He had 5 cards left and picked up his library rather than his hand after organizing his 13 Bearscape Tokens.

QUESTION: Shelter: Can I cast this to draw the card? ANSWER: No, your only creature is an Iridescent Angel, and it is not a legal target.

ROUNDS 3 and 4 were without incident or questions.

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