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PTQ Report (Putten, The Netherlands)

Jacob Dokter

After the smoke had cleared the sky, Ralf Holzweiss from Germany took first place at the Netherlands PTQ for Pro Tour New Orleans, USA later this year. He was part of the invasion of the forty-seven German Magic players who participated in the first PTQ IBC in the Netherlands. He made the top 8 together with 4 other German players. So you can say that it was nearly a German top 8.

It all started at the Apocalypse pre-release. I asked Jan-Willem Barends if there was a chance that I could organise something important. He told me that he was looking to see if that was possible, but he could not tell meat that time. A few weeks later he called me and asked me what I was doing the 4th of August. I told him that I was having my holidays with the kids. That's a shame he said. I asked why and he said that I could organise a PTQ IBC. I was really excited about that and I would surely organise this one. I told him to wait for two days, so I could get some things straightened out and when I had done that I could confirm the date and the location.

YES, I'm having a PTQ, after little more then a year of organising.
I was really proud of that.

I left my camping area a day before D-day to prepare myself for this big event.
It took some time on Friday to get everything in order.
I put all the pre-registered players in my laptop, so I could save some time on the day itself.

The Go-Mar deck was the most popular

Saturday morning at 08.10 hours my two friends and I arrived at the location to put the playroom in order. After 15 or 20 minutes the first Germans arrived. They had driven about 700 kilometers/450 miles to play in a PTQ. I was really impressed by that. They drove about 9 hours. They also told me that there were a lot of other German magic players coming. That shook me a little bit of, because I had no idea what to expect.

At 10.00 hours I opened the location and the players were really swarming in. I had about 88 pre-registrations and that was already more than I had expected.
The tournament started half an hour later then planned, because we got a total of 127 players. That was really more than we could ever had dreamed of.
Registration went really well, so at 11.30 we took off with the first of 7 Suisse rounds.
Thanks to our head judge, Roel Huting (Level 2), it was a really nice and friendly day of Magic. Remco Gerards (Level 1) and my self (Jacob Peter Dokter, Level 1) were the other 2 judges.

It was my first PTQ as a certified judge. The last one I helped out with was PTQ Eindhoven, late last year as a trainee.

I took Sunday evening to look over several deck lists, dropouts etc.

Here are my statistics.
55 players finished the tournament.
There were the following decks (I'm not really familiar with all those names you guys are using, because I'm not an experienced tournament player. If I don't know the name I'll put the colours up).

No-Mar 10
Go-Mar 24
Monger Deed 3 (WBG)
Monger Deed 20 (UBG)
Machine Head 10 (sometimes with a white or green splash)
Arena Lynx 8 (WB) - one with a blue splash, which finished 9th
5 colour 1 (not to be mentioned)
Aggro Rith 1 (WRG)
Control Angel 7
Beatdown 11 (RG)
Monger Deed 3 (WBG)
Beatdown 2 (BRG)

Other colours:
URG(5), UB(3), WU(1), WBR(3), UBR (5), UG(2), WG(1), WUB(1)

Top 8 was as follows:

1. Ralf Holzweiss No-Mar
2. Daniel Barenhoff Go-Mar
3. Manhin Wong Machinehead
4. Stefan Heitmann Go-Mar
5. Torben Twiefel Machinehead
6. Menno Dolstra Control Angel
7. Stefan Kleywegt Control Angel
8. David Merten Machinehead with Vindicate

After 7 rounds of Suisse the standings were as followed:

1. Manhin Wong 7-0
2. Torben Twiefel 6-1
3. Menno Dolstra 6-1
4. Stefan Kleywegt 6-1
5. Ralf Holzweiss 5-0-2
6. Daniel Barenhoff 5-1-1
7. Stefan Heitmann 5-1-1
8. David Merten 5-1-1

I was asked to table judge the quarterfinal of Manhin Wong and David Merten, the semi-final of Manhin Wong and Ralf Holzweiss and the final between Ralf Holzweiss and Daniel Barenhoff. I took my notes for these matches and you will read them down below. The top 8 decks can be found at WWW.FidoMagic.NL.

Manhin Wong - David Merten

Game One: Manhin won the toss and choose to start. He mulliganed to 5 and after Shivan Zombie and Pyre Zombie from David did their job Manhin found himself at 0-1. He took nothing this game.

Game Two: The second game went the other way. These decks were almost the same, so it was luck to clear the board. Manhin's Blazing and Shivan did the job for him and he needed only one Rage to put David on 1-1

Game Three: The third game was more exciting. When David's Plague Spitter put both players on 18, his Shivan and Pyre Zombie put Manhin at 14. At that time they were blown away and Manhin could finish David off with Nightscape Familiar, Pyre Zombie, Ghitu Fire, Scorching Lava and finally sacrificing his Pyre Zombie. David did not getanother creature or it was raged by Manhin. Final 2-1 for Manhin

Semi-final for the dutch Manhin Wong against Ralf Holzweiss. They hadn't played each other in Suisse rounds, so it would be a really nice match-up. Which one would make the finals?

Game One: Ralf won the toss and choose to begin. After 3 land drops he vindicated a land from Manhin and took one pain from Cave of Koilos. Manhin attacked with his Shivan Zombie for 2. Ralf attacked with his Lynx and Manhin let the Shivan loose again for two. Then Ralf send out his two Lynxes, let his Stormscape Apprentice get one life from Manhin, after he got the Zombie out of the way and finished Manhin off. Ralf at 1-0

Game Two: Wong choose to start and mulliganed to 6. He attacked the third turn with his Zombie for 2 and Ralf answered with his Galina's Knight for 2. Manhin took another 3 with Zombie and Familiar answered by Ralf for 2 with his Knight. Then Wong took another 3 and Ralf also with Knight and Apprentice. Manhin attacked again with his Zombie for 2 and Ralf let his Meddling Mage (called Addle) take 2 from Manhin. Manhin stood at 11 and Ralf at 10 at this time. Manhin did another 3 and Ralf another 4 with Mage and Knight. Wong tried to play a spell but Ralf Absorbed it and Manhin did another 2 with his Zombie.

Ralf attacked with his Voice of All (called red) and his Mage for four. Manhin responded with Shivan Zombie, Nightscape Familiar and Blazing Specter for a total of five and finished Ralf off with a Rage of 3.

Game Three: The third game went off with Ralf starting. After two attacks with Shivan Zombie, Ralf responded with his Voice, named red. This went over and over and Ralf absorbed a spell. The Voice did his job and put Manhin at 4 while the Zombie and a Ghitu Fire did the job for Manhin and put Ralf at 5. At that point Ralf had 2 Voices, called red and a Knight and Manhin had only a Shivan Zombie. Manhin bluffed his way out and attacked for 2, putting Ralf at 3 with two cards in his hand .He then played a Scorching Lava for 2 direct, putting Ralf at 1 and mana left to play a Rage. When he turned over to Ralf, Ralf was glowing with his eyes and could not believe it. He was wondering and wondering and attacked with the two Voices and the Knight and Manhin shooked Ralf's hand to congratulate him with the victory.

At that time the other semi-final just started and Ralf had a long sit and could look at the other game.

And there I was, sitting at the table as a judge, looking at the final in my first PTQ as organiser and as certified judge between 2 German players.

This was not expected. I hoped for a Dutch final, but nevertheless, I sat there with sweat all over my body. I wished both players good luck and that the best may win.

The Finals

Dromar's Charm is a key card for a number of IBC decks

Game One: Daniel won the toss and choosed to start first and mulliganed to 6.

In the second turn he played Mage, called Lynx, which was answered by Ralf with a Mage and called Exclude. Daniel missed a creature drop and Ralf played another Mage, called Rout and attacked for 2, which came through. Then Daniel attacked for 2 and Ralf for 4 and got 6 life with 2 Absorbs. Daniel had to take one pain from a land and another 4 from the Mages. Daniel tried another spell and took one pain but it was countered. Ralf was at 24 and Daniel at 8. At that time Ralf played another Mage, called Dromar's charm and attacked with his Knight for 2, putting Daniel at 6. Daniel took a card from his library and gave up.

Ralf took the lead with 1-0

Game Two: The second game was not that interesting. After Ralf side boarded in his Crimson Acolyte he took Daniel down to 15 and himself to 10, due to his pain of Cave of Koilos, using it.

Then Daniel absorbed to 18 and he finished Ralf off with a Dromar.

1-1 in games

Game Three: Now the match is going to start. Who is flying to New Orleans?

They played each other in Suisse rounds and that turned out in a draw. But now it is different.

Here's a place in New Orleans at stake.

Ralf start the game and played a second turn Apprentice. He attacked the third turn with it and played a Lynx and took one pain from Cave of Koilos. After a few attacks here and there and a few Absorbs Daniel was at 22 and Ralf at 18.

Daniel had his Benalish Herald out and Ralf his Crimson Acolyte. They attacked twice with it and then Ralf played a Dromar's Charm to put himself up to 17 and leaving Daniel at 20. Then Ralf played a Mage, called Teferi's Moat and the attack went on. Ralf left Daniel at 12 and found him self at 7. But due to the over abuse of Fact or Fiction by Daniel and the Lobotomy from Ralf, which took out the Dromar's from Daniel. Daniel conceded and Ralf took his victory and a place at the Pro Tour in New Orleans.

A loud cheer was coming up from the few German's who were left. Only two Dutch players were present to watch this and those were my friends, who started the day with me. They were also excited about the whole environment and we like to congratulate Ralf with his victory and Daniel, who was taking his loss with a great dignity.

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