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Origins 2000 Night Side Events

Andrew Zorowitz

This judging report is slightly different than most because, instead of discussing a single events, it's covering 3 nights worth of side events that took place at Origins this year. As opposed to the major events that took place during the day, there is a somewhat different undertone to these all night side event sessions (in this case, I'm referring to Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, until about 8AM). Primarily, we were running assorted booster drafts with the occasional constructed format thrown in. As the night went on, it became more and more solidly booster drafting.

Between the three nights, I helped with about 30 events, and several hundred were run (some of which had started earlier but ran fairly late into the night). In addition to the generic 8 person drafts and constructed events, there were several large events that I had helped with that had run over from the afternoon, including several sealed decks, a team tournament, and a large T2. Other judges working including a lvl 3, several lvl 2s, and a at least one other lvl 1.

There were only a few rules questions that were really of any interest, and it seemed that most people knew how to draft and so forth. One of the more interesting questions involved 3 Parallax Waves and 2 Opalescences, and a large stack of effects between them. There were several more standard procedural questions involving illegal decks. Overall, it was exceedingly calm, and most of the drafts ran without any incidents.

One of the things I noticed was that, as the night grew later, questions of any sort seemed to get less and less. I think this implies that either people were too tired to ask obscure rules questions, or, as the night ran on, the only people still playing were those more experienced. Another thing I think I learned was how important it is to have the routine of drafts down, as it makes things go much smoother if it can be done in the quickest manner possible.

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