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APAC Championship

Rock Yeh

Hi !

My name is Rock Yeh , Level 1 Judge from Taiwan. And it is my first time to submit a Judge Report. In this report , I will post the Asia Pacific Championship 2000 and something about this event.

My English isn't very good. If I have written some very strange sentence , forgive me.

Date and Format :
July 7 : Booster Draft (1 Mercadian Masques,1 Nemesis and 1 Prophecy)
July 8 : Standard Constructed.
July 9 : Standard Constructed .The Top 8 play the same deck played in July 8.

Ruling of interest :

In the first day , booster draft , some players may not understand the draft commands annouced by the Judge. So , they may take the next boosters when Judge say " There should be X cards in the next booster." But other player take the boosters when Judge say "Collect the next booster." In order to protect all players' rights in the same draft table , I tell my table's players to take and see the booster in the same time.

When the second day of the event , I saw an interest thing happened. A player played Stroke of Genius , he tapped 6 Island and targeted himself. And he drew one, two, three.....and four cards. God.....I think maybe he was too tense so he drew an additional card. I and another judge stood in the side of them , so we gave him a Game Loss.

The little problem in this event may be language. Because APAC 2000 has many Japanese players. And most judges have no Japanese language ability. Oops...the most judges can only speak English and their Mother Language. But the Japanese players' English is not very good. When I meet a Japanese player whose English is very bad the only thing I can do is to call the Japanese judge. So , in resolving this problem , the head judge made each judge team have one Japanese judge at least.

I had a very good time when APAC 2000 held in Hong Kong. And I wish I can have the chance to attend the judge team in such a great event in future. When the next time I attend such a big event I will have better English ability.

To all the judges who judging in APAC 2000. All of you are the best mates. With your help , we made APAC 2000 so successful. Wish we can work together in the future. :-)

~Rock Yeh DCI Level 1 Judge

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