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Standard-San Diego, CA

Reuben Timineri

Tournament Report for 7/9

On Sundays I run a standard tournament at a local horseshoe club, we have an attendance that varies from 8-25 with an average of around 16 players. On Sunday July 9th we had 17 players. We use the Swiss formant with the top four playing off for prizes. However the top four almost always split because of the prize breakdown (if they split each gets $27.50 and if they play it is first $60, second $30, third and fourth $10). With no problems setting up we started just about on time at 2:15, 2:00 being our scheduled start time.

Round one went smoothly, the one bye playing Diablo 2 on my laptop. The only rule question that came up was that one player tried to tell another that he could not pay echo because of a tangle wire in play. He was trying to say that all of the permanents became taped before they could be used to pay echo. I explained that the player who needed to pay echo could float the mana in response to the tangle wire ability then use it to pay the echo.

After round two there was a drop, so there were was no bye for round three (but then there was another drop so there was a bye in round 4).

In round three a player was found to have too many cards in his hand on turn two of the game. I was called over when the opponent realized this. I counted cards in each players hand found that yes one player did have too many cards. I gave him a warning for drawing extra cards and put one at random back on top of his library after revealing that one to both players. The player with too many cards had just been duressed, so the other player got to look at his hand anyway. As the players talked about it they came to the conclusion that the player had drawn too many cards in his initial hand, and while this would have been a forced mulligan if it had been caught then I felt that the drawing extra cards alone was sufficient since I was not sure.

Round four saw the top two players taking a draw to get into the top four, there were no rules questions brought to me.

The top four decided to play off and did so with out any problems. In the end replenish beat out bargain for the number one spot.

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