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Standard-Frontiers, NY

Mark Carroll

This report is a cautionary tale. My name is Mark Carroll and I'm a level 2 judge. The tournament was Standard at a local store, New Frontiers in NY USA, and had a prizes of a box of Revised, which made players a bit more serious than usual. There were 23 players and it was decided to have 4 rounds of swiss and a Top 8.

Tournament registration went smoothly with a few new DCI members. The first round pairings were generated, but they stubbornly refuse to be displayed. After much panic and fiddling around it was discovered that logging in as administrator solved the problem. Moral: Don't install DCI Reporter on windows 2000 10 minutes before a tournament.

The four rounds of swiss went smoothly. I had to have a few players restart their matches for starting early. There were a number of rules questions, the more complicated involving replenish decks. The question I remember was involved dueling Parallax Waves while an Opalesence was in play, I ruled only the last Wave effect to be put on the stack would remove the other Wave from the game, because of the Wave's errata.

When the swiss was over and I was setting up the top 8 and discovered that my assumptions on how many rounds the tournament should have were wrong as the program kept telling there were still rounds to go. Reading the helpme solved the problem. Moral: Don't do something new without testing it before the tournament. It may be easy to figure out, but for those few minutes you look like an idiot.

During the first round of the top eight a spectator came up to me to report cheating he had witnessed. Upon investigation, I found that the spectator hadn't seen a tutor played that made the "cheating" perfectly legal. Moral: Tread softly when investigating cheating, it prevents you from feeling like an oaf afterwards.


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