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Prophecy Prerelease-Toronto, ON, Canada

Allen Pengelly

Attendance: 146

Judging Staff:
Duncan McGregor, Lvl 2 (Head Judge)
Allen Pengelly, Lvl 1 (Me)
Michael Isaacs, Lvl 1
Marvin Paguirigan, Lvl 1 (TO)

On May 27th I made the hour long trip to Toronto to help judge the Prophecy Prerelease in Toronto, Ontario. Having done a lot of my previous judging in Detroit (PTQs, JSS, Prereleases) and Philadelphia (Grand Prix) I was looking forward to doing an event that I didn't need to travel a long distance to.

After a short detour due to misunderstanding the directions, I arrived at the Legion Hall ready for a long day of answering questions on cards that I had not seen prior to the event.

After getting some names into the computer, looking over the FAQ a couple of Times, attaining a new DCI number for a 10 year old (and assuring him there was no need to cry over forgetting his DCI number - talk about adding stress to his first large tournament!), and working with some staff to get the land sorted into piles the tournament was ready to start.

After Duncan made the opening announcements, and answered some questions, we gave the players their decks for construction. The players were allowed to do a three land swap as per current limited tournament standards. There was some non-judging staff on hand that did the land swap, did score keeping, and ran side events which freed both Duncan and I to answer questions all day. This made the judging a lot easier, and allowed us to keep abreast of some situations in the making.

Once deck construction was completed, we were ready to start the first round. With 146 players and no top 8 we figured we should run 9 rounds, but the DCI Reporter we were using only allowed a maximum of 8 rounds, so 8 rounds it is!

ROUND 1 - 11:41 am

Well, my first situation of the day came when I was observing tables. I came across a game where one player just complained about losing 13 life from one creature. Being intrigued, and wanting to see the new cards, I observed that the player who attacked on the previous turn had a Forest with Living Terrain, Ancestral Mask, and Cho-Manno's Blessing on it. Then, I noticed that all of the creatures on the opponent's side were green! So, I asked what colour was selected for the Cho-Manno's Blessing. Sure enough, it was green. So, I stopped the game and informed the players that if the creature gained protection from green then both green enchantments would "fall off" the creature. Then, since the land would no longer be a creature, the Cho-Manno's Blessing would fall off the land. I also informed them that I could not back up the game to the previous turn, so the current life totals would have to stand. Both players understood, and continued the game from there.

Other questions during this round were:

Q: Can I cast Soul Strings when I only have one creature in my graveyard?
A: No, there must be two legal targets (creatures in your graveyard) to be able to legally cast Soul Strings.

Q: When does Keldon Beserker check the lands to see if it gets +3/+0?
A: When Keldon Beserker attacks, if all of the attacking player's lands are tapped, then a effect goes on the stack. When the effect resolves, if all of the attacking player's lands are still tapped then Keldon Beserker gets +3/+0 until end of turn.

I also cautioned one player in the round for trying to remove an artifact with enchantment removal.

ROUND 2 - 12:59 pm

Q: Can I give a creature haste multiple times?
A: Yes, but any time you give the creature haste beyond the first will be redundant.

Q: When do I play for Hollow Automaton?
A: After all of the attackers/blockers have been declared, then you need to pay all costs associated with attacking/blocking.

Q: If Greel's Caress is played as an instant, does it go away at the end of the turn like a normal instant?
A: No. First off, a "normal instant" does not go away at the end of the turn, it goes away as the last part of resolution. Greel's Caress is not like the instant/enchantments from Mirage/Visions. It does not have the added text "You may play ~this~ any time you could play an instant. If you do, sacrifice it at end of turn." So, it would stay on the creature just like any other enchantment.

ROUND 3 - 2:13 pm

The questions were starting to come infrequently now, as players got used to the new cards. I also believe that players are becoming better acquainted with the rules, and I would credit that to the 6th edition rules.

Q: Can my opponent use his Trap Runner on my unblockable creature?
A: Yes, it says so right on the Trap Runner.

ROUND 4 - 3:21 pm

Q: Withdraw says "Return target creature to its owner's hand. Then return another target creature to its owner's hand unless its controller pays 1." Who is indicated by "controller"?
A: The controller of the second creature targeted with the Withdraw.

ROUND 5 - 4:35 pm

Q: Cho-Arrim Bruiser vs. Reveille Squad - When my opponent attacks with a Cho-Arrim Bruiser, and I have a untapped Reveille Squad in play, what happens?
A: When your opponent attacks with the Cho-Arrim Bruiser, (and other creatures) it puts two effects on the stack. The Bruiser puts the "You may tap two target creatures" on the stack, and the Reveille Squad puts the "untap all creatures defending players control on the stack". Since the active player controls the Bruiser, that effect is put on the stack first. So, the timing for this situation is:

-The attacking player attacks with Cho-Arrim Bruiser.
-The Bruiser's effect goes on the stack, and the attacking player chooses two creatures to tap.
- The Reveille Squad's effect goes on the stack.
- All of the defending players creatures untap.
- The creatures that the attacking player chose with the Bruiser's effect are tapped.

Q: Can I use Crossbow Archer on the 2/1 Stormwatch Eagle in response to the Eagle's "bounce" ability?
A: When they first asked the question, I ruled that answering that question would be "coaching" the player, and refused to answer it when it was worded in that fashion. The player decided to try it anyways, and then I ruled that it would resolve before the original "bounce" effect of the Eagle.

ROUND 6 - 5:53 pm

Q: If I bounce a Keldon Overseer in response to the damage effect, does the damage still happen?
A: Yes. Remember the Silver Rule of Magic (or what I like to call the "Smoking Gun Effect"), "Getting rid of the source of an effect does not get rid of the effect.

ROUND 7 - 7:10 pm

One player forgot to sac a land after blocking a Thresher Beast, and his opponent wanted him to get a warning or game loss. I informed the opponent that this was a Level 1 event, so even warnings are rare, unless deliberate cheating can be proven. I then cautioned the player that did not sacrifice the land, and backed the game up to the point where the land should have been sacrificed (They had not proceeded to the next turn yet).

ROUND 8 - 8:10 pm

There were no questions in this round.

After everything was all said and done, we had 3 players at 21 points, 1 player at 19 points, and 5 players at 18 points (some of the players dropped out after the 5th round to play in the team event, even though they had records of 4-1!).

Congratulations to Peter Ruderman for coming in First Place, and Gary Krakower for attaining second place.

The main tournament finished, and the prizes were handed out by 9:15 pm.

I enjoyed my time judging the Prerelease, and I enjoyed working with the Head Judge (Duncan McGregor). I find that we work well together, and I am looking forward to doing more events with him in the future - like the team PTQ this coming weekend.

Thanks also go out to the following:

- Marvin Paguirigan, the TO for the local events for allowing me the opportunity to do events in the local area.
- My judging mentors along the way - Mike Donais, Mike Guptil, Eric Smith - All the other judges I have worked with.
- The crew on the MTG-L mailing list, who have helped me in my understanding of the rules, and have given me a chance to get more experience answering questions that come up.
- The crew at Deja vu Games in Kitchener. A great group of Magic players to play with/judge over, and a group that is not afraid to challenge me to prove a ruling that they don't agree with.

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