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Prophecy Prerelease-Osaka, Japan

Kaoru Yonemura

Let me explain first. This event ran on 3 Jun, 2000, the second day of the Prerelease in Japan. The earlier was run the week before, 27 May, and at that event, many Chinese cards were included in Japanese boosters, so staff of the distributor, Hobby Japan, checked some of the Prophecy packs before this event. I'll express my gratitude to them.

Tournament Format:
Surely, the Prereleases is run as a Limited - Sealed Deck event. The sets to use are a Tournament Deck of Mercadian Masques, two Boosters of Prophecy. As I have already stated, Prophecy Packs have been opened before this event, but no one complained about this.

Osaka, the second largest city in Japan.

Rulings of interest:
I'm not so good at English, so please let me write by a run of the item.

  • while swapping their decks, they DID exchange their deck, yes. but they DID NOT exchange their registration sheets! Oops! (Head Judge said: all of you got a game loss, and re-write your sheet!)

  • A Player sat at another player's seat, played a match, and recorded the match as himself, we judges cannot recognize the seat and the name is different. he had been treated as "Removed" (no, he did not come to *his* seat). and the beginning of the next round, he came to the HQ, and ask. "Where's my name? I've not found!" ...SURE! his name is no longer in the tournament.

  • There's no land written on someone's deck registration sheet. Someone? YES! There's no player's NAME on the list! So, we cannot penalize him... Oops...

  • Player A plays Excise when Player B controls Rhystic Study. and Player A tap all land out while playing Excise. Player B draws a card, but Player A say I'll pay 1 for Rhystic Study. I judge as Player A say, because Player B agree with Player A's argument.

  • Player A attacks, and then, Player B blocks with a smaller creature. Player B plays Jolrael's Favor to the blocker, and Player A says, "Go more slowly". Player B agreed with, and speaks clearly and loud. "Play this on it". Player A, "Well, OK. can we put the damage on the stack?" Player B says, "Yes". Player A, "OK, so can I assign the damages?" Player B answers, "O.K." . Oops! He has NEVER played the ability of Jolrael's Favor! So, the poor smaller creature and the poorer Jolrael's Favor have gone.

And, I'll list some other questions, which I think are meaningless.

  • Is Barbed Wire's ability "all-Play"?
    - No. There're not "Any player may...", so only the controller can play

  • We'll start the third game in a match with 15 life each, don't we?
    - NO! There're no rule like that!!


DCI certified Level 2 Judge

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