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Standard-Monteray, CA, USA

Your mama doesn't live @ Game Habitat (Either)

Paul Yale

724 Abrego St. Monterey, CA USA
Sunday, May 7th, 2000
Head Judge Paul Yale level 1
8 Players (2 new)
Standard constructed

Well, It took me quite a bit of time for me to arrive to this tournament that almost never was. My fellow coordinator wanted to cancel this tournament based on our last few turnouts at this location. It took me nearly three hours to get there; Traffic on the 680 was apauling that day. Traveling so much to arrive 30 min late is not how I usually start a tournament. But, since I have moved out of the area, things have been a stretch to accomplish. I finally arrived to find 7 players patiently waiting. I needed a third, and I was not willing to put myself in the tournament (I haven't made any new decks in quite a while) so I asked players if they had any friends they knew who would come down. One player managed to come after I had promised him an additional booster pack.

We give away booster packs at our tournaments for each match victory they get, plus one just for signing up. This more than makes up for our entry fee, which is $12. The winner receives an increase of boosters to equal a box, plus one for entering and any new players he has brought with him. This has gone over really well with players in the Santa Cruz area, but Monterey players have yet to catch on.

This was a 3 Swiss round tournament, all you need really. Several players asked me if there was going to be a final 4 elimination. It really wasn't necessary, so I decided not to. We usually have final 4 to give players who go 3-1 in our larger tournaments, but since I was the only one who showed to do this tournament today, and it was so small, I said no. They were a bit disappointed, But only briefly.

Round 1

A powder keg/ animate land question came up, player A had powder keg, and player B was using animate land. Player A wanted to be sure an animated land could be destroyed by a P.K. with zero counters. I said "Of course, since a land always has a casting cost of zero". Player B mentioned he read a copy of the comprehensive rules, which, last printing, states lands have no casting cost. I told him to look up on the web for the revisions to the rulebook, which state that that rule has been changed (among many others). Otherwise, this round was pretty uneventful. I filled out the match cards.

Round 2

Another uneventful round, no rulings or situations unusual. I kept an eye out while the owner taught me how to play 7th sea, which I enjoyed. A game did go on too long, ending in a 1-0 Match win (something I've had problems with reporting in DCI reporter). I felt the players were not stalling, just that they're decks were too evenly matched.

Round 3

Yet another uneventful round, with one player successfully undefeated winning the prize. Gongrats to Jeff, and thanks to those who showed up for this lil tourney w/ a big prize.

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