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JSS-Farmingdale, ME

Arnold Sirois

Tournament report for event # 00-04-174744
Junior Super series for greenhouse games, date 04/22, 2000.

We had 16 players, 5 rounds of swiss scoring and a top 8 single elimination.

Once again I`d like to say fantastic the "tournament program" is, it made the event go very smoothly. The only problems the I had occurred when I entered the wrong results , but it was easily fixed.

There were no warnings, DQs , or other problems. In fact the players were very polite to each other, something that I do not always see with the older players. Many of the players even thanked me for judging the event and told me what a great time they had.

I have to admit that when I first agreed to judge the event I had visions of teenagers running around and yelling obscenities at each other and scaring the younger players. I`m very happy say I was wrong and that I too had a great time and would gladly do it again.

I`ve judge quite a few tourneys over the years, sanctioned and non sanctioned, and this one will definitely be remembered as a great one. After all it isn't every day that the #8 seed beats the #1 seed, then the #2 seed and the #4 seed to win the event. It was really something to see.

I would like to thank who ever it was came up with the idea of an older player sponsoring a younger one for this event. I was the older player. Four weeks before the tourney one of the local kids expressed some interest in the tourney , but had not played for a few years. I took him aside and over the next four weeks taught him the rules and built him two decks . He took the deck he thought was the best, a white weenie, to the tournament and never won a game except for the byes. I watched him almost win every game and then make a mistake and loose. He never complained or fussed and had a great time. When it was all over he told me that he should have played the other deck- a green weenie with the animate land - eradicate combo. I asked him why and he replied " because everyone had a mono color deck and the combo would have wrecked everyone." I just smiled and agreed and remembered all those times when I should have brought the infamous " other deck"

I hope this report wasn`t too long or too boring, but we did have a really good time.

Thank you
ARN SIROIS Level 1 Judge

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