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US Regionals-South

William Bosley

The Southern Regionals was run by the Event Horizons Team in Arlington Texas this year. We had 255 players in attendance and ran nine rounds of swiss feeding into a top 8 single elimination finals.

Prizes for the tournament were the trophy for winning the tournament, a box of product for top 8, and a half of a box for players 9 through 16.

Registration was from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM and the tournament started at 11:00 AM. Rounds were 50 minutes with 5 additional rounds after time is called.

The players this year, like every year, varied in their knowledge and skill level, but were well behaved in general.

We made quite a few rulings during the day:

1. Player A is at 2 life and taps 2 Cities of Brass to cast a spell, but before he lets go of the cards, he says that we will not do that and untaps them. Player B contends that Play A lost the game because he let go of the cards.

Cited both players a warning for failure to agree on reality and gave player A a caution for sloppy play.

2. An observer of a game came to a judge and informed them that there were 2 Lin Sivvi (a legend) in play in a game. The judge went over to the game and asked the players which came into play first, and if the newer Lin Sivvi had brought any rebels into play this turn.

The judge buried the newer Lin Sivvi, and cited a warning to the player of the newer Lin Sivvi for misrepresentation.

3. Player drew a card on the opening turn of the game.

Cited the player with a game loss for drawing an extra card.

4. Player A had a Yawgmoth's Bargain in play and announced he was activating the ability to draw a card one time. Before the other play had a chance to respond, Player A drew a card. Player B wanted to respond to activating the Bargain the first time with a disenchant.

Cited Player A with a caution for sloppy play and gave a lecture to both players concerning the issue. Allowed Player B to respond to the activation and continue the game from there.

5. During Round 6 there was a deck check where player A had 59 cards listed in there main deck list and 60 in there main deck.

We decided that since the player had crossed out one card from their main deck list that they just forgot to write the replacement card in the main deck list. Since it is a REL 3 event, and an illegal deck list we cited Player A with a disqualification from the tournament.

6. Player B called for a judge contending that player A had played an illegal card in Type 2. Player A had just played a Choke (a card from tempest that was never reprinted). We checked the players deck listing and found that the card was a sideboard card.

We cited Player A with a game loss for an illegal sideboard and loss of sideboard for the remainder of the event.

Note - After the game loss was issued the match was over. Player B came up to the judge and said that one of his cards in his main deck was missing and how could he fix it. The judge told him that as long as he fixed the problem with the deck before presenting the deck to the next opponent there would be no penalty.

Player A then said that he wanted a deck check. Player A never informed the judge prior to the end of the match that he wanted a deck check, so the match was already over. A deck check in between matches is irrelevant. The judge discussed the situation and options to player A in depth so situations of this nature would not occur in the future.

Rules Questions:
1. Do creatures that come into play from a Parallax Wave/Tide:
A. have summoning sickness?
B. come into play with new fading (or other) counters on them?
C. come into play tapped (if they were tapped when they left play?

The cards returned into play when Parallax Wave or Parallax Tide leaves play will be treated as if they were just played. This means that they will follow the instructions on the card as if it were coming into play, and will have summoning sickness if it is a creature.

2. If Attunement is targeted by Elvish Lyrist, can the Attunement be activated in response?

Yes, the Lyrist's ability will be on the stack, and then in response the Attunement's ability can be activated. This will cause the Attunement's ability to be resolved. When the Lyrist's ability resolves, the target is no longer there, so that ability is countered.

3. Can I respond to the upkeep effect of Tangle Wire by tapping a permanent?

Yes, this will not count for part of the upkeep effect of the tangle wire.

4. Player A has a Seal of Cleansing in play. Player B casts erase targeting the Seal. Can Player A respond to the erase by activating the Seal targeting itself.

Yes, the Seal is an enchantment, and is a valid target upon activation. When the resolution occurs, there is no valid target, so the Seal's effect is countered. Then the erase is resolved, where there is no valid target and the effect is countered.

5. How does Academy Rector ability to retrieve an enchantment from the library work with Planar Void in play?

The ruling made was that the ability would work. The Rector would be removed from play and the enchantment would be retrieved. [Editor's Note: Academy Rector and Planar Void are both triggers. Because of this, it depends on who's turn it is and who control's which in order to determine the correct ruling.]

6. Can you respond to the ability of the Academy Rector to retrieve an enchantment from your library by activating Thran Foundry to reshuffle the Rector into your library and prevent the removal of the rector, countering the effect?

Yes, the way the card is worded, removal from the game is part of the effect and is resolved upon resolution instead of activation.

Wow, what a lot of rulings.

All in all it was a good day for magic in Dallas.

1. The location was adequate in size and the AC actually worked somewhat.
2. The location served a Buffet available for those that could not leave.
3. The knowledge level for the staff was quite good.
4. The number of judges were good, there were 8-10 floor judges from all over there.

The only thing that hurt was the computer had problems after round 8, and we had to manually pair round 9. This resulted in a really long wait between rounds 8 and 9.

Thanks to the staff for running an outstanding event.

Good luck to all of the top 8 at Nationals.

Congratulations to Joe Oxford taking his mono green stompy deck all the way, to become the Southern Regionals Champion for 2000.

Until Next Time,

Let's put the MAGIC back into Magic.

William Bosley
Wichita Falls, TX

DCI Level 2 Judge
Member of Team 5 FU

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