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Standard using 3-judge rule-Orem, UT

Bill Guerin

Format: Standard (using the 3-judge rule)
Location: Games People Play, University Mall, Orem, UT
Players: 8
Rounds: 3 + Top 4
Judges: Head: Me
Second: Cole Thomas
Third: Ben Hakanson

So I get to the mall for today's tournament, and have fun playing my heavily proxied Bargain and Acc. Blue decks while we wait to get 8. Eventually, we barely get there, and the mad scramble to borrow cards begins. We get everybody registered, and I figure out the judging situation. I am the only certified judge there, so I make myself head; Cole has been Third judge a lot when we play drafts, and no one else has any experience, so I make Cole second and Ben third (since he is a decent player, and knows the rules somewhat).

I get everybody into the computer, and Ben (Jones, a person who works at the store) takes everybody's money, and we get started.

Round 1:
This round runs semi-smoothly. The first 2 rounds, we have to wait for a long time because Ben (Jones) and Cole are the two people responsible for the store, so while one plays, the other has to help customers. The only problem is when I slip up in my game. My opponent attacks with a Flesh Reaver, and I block with a Nightwind Glider. I go to adjust his die, and he asks about the damage. I say it's prevented, and he says "So the Reaver actually deals 0, right?" I agree, and re-adjust his die.

Round 2:
There were no problems in this round, only a funny situation in my game. Ben (Jones) is playing Green, and attacks with a Rancored Llanowar Elf and Treetop Village. I block with my Defiant Falcon, and when he goes to Symbiosis the 2 (which I knew he had in his hand from a Land Grant), I cast Cho-Manno's Blrssing on his Elf!! Laughs all around.

Round 3:
This round went somewhat faster, since Cole and Ben J. took an intentional draw (since they were the only 2-0's) and went to have a store meeting. No problems here either.

The cut to top 4 went well also, since there was a clear break at 6 match points.

Top 4:
I get to play Cole, and Ben J. gets Ryan. 2 matches of Green vs. Rebel.

In my match, I have to hand out the first warning I have ever given at the store. I had a Ramosian Sargent out (3,T : get a rebel w/converted mana cost 2 or less), and while Cole is Plowing my lands under and Fallow Earthing my lands, when I have 3 mana, I am getting Gliders (3 converted mana cost). I am about to win the game when I notice the problem (and Cole hadn't noticed either, as well as Ben H. (the third judge watching the match)). I normally only give notices for everything short of intentional cheating at the store, but my error sped up the game greatly, so I give myself a warning (actually Ben H. gives it, since Cole and I are playing). (I said it was a game-altering error, but Cole disagrees and thinks I would have won anyway.)

Ben asks afterwards, "Am I supposed to correct that if I see it?" I answer yes. (A good teaching moment, since this (I think) is his first judging experience.)

Cole ends up winning the next 2 games handily, so I don't feel as bad about my misrepresentation.

Ben J. wins, so we have a match of the employees in the finals, which Cole wins handily.

All in all, a great time was had by all. See you at regionals in Salt Lake!!

Bill Guerin
Level 2 Judge

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