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Standard-New Kensington, PA

Jim Radeshak

This report is for a Type 2 tournament we held on Saturday, March 18, 2000 at the local store - Exit 13 - in New Kensington, PA. We had 16 people show up, so with deck registration, I was able to make this a 24k tournament (which made everyone happy). I have been judging the local Friday Night Tournaments lately, so this wasn't that much of a change.

The tournament was 5 rounds, and we cut to the Top 4 after that. Everyone playing was already familiar with the rules, so there were not many rules questions. Noone played a 'combo' deck, so that made it easier also. :) The final 4 consisted of 2 Red LD decks, Stompy and a Squirrel Prison deck. The 2 LD decks beat each other decks up while the Squirrel Prison player locked down the stompy player quickly both games. In the finals, the Squirrel prison deck won due to his opponents mana screw in game 3.

The only problem came up when the round 2 was over and I found out a player won by accident. Here was the situation that was explained to me (I was not watching this particular match): Player 1 had previously casted Phyrexian Collosus #1 and #2. He attacked with them in previous rounds, so they were tapped. He didn't have enough life to untap them. In the final round, he untapped them by accident and cast a Weatherseed Treefolk through his Sneak Attack. Realising the error, he tapped both Phyrexian's and then tapped the Treefolk to attack. His opponent assumed he was attacking with all 3 and conceded as he would have died. I found out about this after the next round started, so I could do nothing about it.

Other then the previously mentioned mistake, the tournament went very well, and the players can't wait until the next Saturday event we have. We had quite a few people drive from over 1 hours time away to play.

Jim Radeshak
Level 1 judge

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