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Mercadian Masques Block Constructed-Sewell, NJ

Frank Cataldi

On Saturday, March 11th, I ran my weekly magic tournament at my store, Superhero City, located in Sewell, NJ. The format was Mercadian Masques block, a Type II event consisting of Mercadian Masque and Nemesis only. I scheduled this format to prepare my players for the upcoming Pro Tour. We had 24 people enroll, low by our standards (we usually draw in the low 30' s, but considering the environment, we were happy).

The entry fee for playing is two dollars. The top 5 players at the end of the tournament receive prizes. Before the tournament, I held deck checks, and informed every player about the rules of this format. Sideboards were also written down and checked randomly during the tournament. For this tournament, we ran 5 rounds of swiss with a top 8 finals. At the beginning of the top eight I personally check all of the players' sideboards.

The majority of our players know the rules pretty well. As far as rulings go, the first 3 rounds of play went off with out a hitch. In the 4th round there was a question from one of our newer players concerning creature-legends. One player, Player A, was casting Lin Sivvi, defiant hero and the other player, Player B, responded to him casting Lin Sivvi, defiant hero by using his Ramosian Lieutenant to search his deck for a rebel card. The rebel card chosen by Player B was Lin Sivvi. They wanted to know what happens to the creatures since they are legends of the same name. The ruling that I made was as follows: since player B's lieutenant 's ability is a fast effect used before Player A's Lin Sivvi came into play, Player B's Lin Sivvi would come into play and then Player A's would come into play and die since there is a legend of the same name already in play.

We had no further problems until the first round of the top 8. One player realized he never registered his sideboard. This player volunteered this information, so I used discretion on the penalty. I gave him a warning for not registering his sideboard and required him to finish the tournament without his sideboard.

As the tournament came to a close, no further Judge interaction other than watching the final matches was needed. It seemed everyone played similar decks with the top 4 playing almost identical decks. (Sorry...types withheld for Pro Tour)

Well that's about it for this tournament. I would like to thank everyone for coming down to the store week after week and also congratulations to the winner of the whole thing- Brian Joyce.

Frank Cataldi, Level 1 Judge
Superhero City Weekly Magic

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