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QT-Dallas, TX (PT-NY)

William Bosley

This was the second time I had the opportunity to work with the Event Horizons Team.

There were 111 players in attendance, which is one of the largest PTQs I have judged. The staff for the event were Tim Weissman as head judge, Sheila as support, and me as the Floor Judge and running Side Events.

Registration started at 10 and Play started at 12. The event was 7 rounds of swiss seeded into a top 8 single elimination.

The event ran quite well considering there were 2 judges for over 100 players. The only issue is that while I was doing deck checks, it took longer for the players to get a ruling.

I had 3 or 4 rulings on Impulse - the ruling on that card is that the cards go to the bottom of the deck in the order they were on top (they can't be rearranged).

I usually am a judge at prereleases and local tournaments. The players at this event ranged in their knowledge of the rules and there were quite a number of rulings each round on how certain cards work or timing questions.

After the second round I went over and started running Booster Drafts, I did four in all.

Things that went well -
1. The organization of the event went well

2. The knowledge of the staff - we had to look in oracle a few times to ensure we had the most recent wording on cards.

3. The start time at 10 was nice. A lot of players have to travel to get to the tournament. This allowed them to get a little more rest.

Things that could be better:
1. If there was one more judge there it would have reduced response time for rulings.

2. The facilities were large enough, but I would like to have seen an on site vendor for food. The way the tournament was going did not allow for most of the players to go on a food run. I have worked events where the hotel sets up a place to buy pizza, sandwiches, etc to be purchased by the players.

3. I think this needed another number - The noise level after 7PM got pretty intolerable. There was a party scheduled in the room adjacent to ours. It was a wedding reception. After the guests arrived, the music was quite loud. This disturbed the players in the finals and the side events.

I was pleased with the event. It was well run and the players were well behaved.

William Bosley
Wichita Falls, TX

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