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Foreign BD at PT-LA (side event)

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson
Level 1
Feb 7, 2000
PT LA Side Events area - Long Beach, CA USA

OK, here is a rather dull judging report. This was an 8-person booster draft with foreign cards. It was originally intended to be an English-only draft, but all players agreed to foreign cards, so foreign cards it was. I was a bit nervous about this, as I don't read Asian languages, but there were enough bystanders who volunteered to translate that I didn't see it as a problem (all I needed was help in identifying cards which I didn't recognize from the artwork). As it turned out, this was never an issue.

The most difficult part of the draft was rounding everyone up; I had 2 players disappear, and had to find replacements for them. Everyone was a bit bleary-eyed, as this was the last draft of the event, starting around 3:00 a.m., but we were all game to go...

I wasn't called upon to make any judging calls for my event, but a nearby draft seemed to have lost their judge, so I was called upon to make rulings for that draft as well. They weren't difficult rulings - e.g. why you can only use Rootwater Thief's triggered ability once per combat. While I was a bit uneasy about acting in a judge capacity for an event for which I was not an official judge, I thought that the sorts of rulings I was called upon to make (just explaining how cards worked) was acceptable. If there had been a more serious bit of judging to be done (involving any sort of dispute between players), I would have made sure that either the official judge of that event was found, or if that proved impossible, see to it that I was instated as a judge for that event.

I wandered from match to match during the event, and didn't observe anything which required my intervention. I did observe the power of the Preditor and of Lin Sivvi (Lin Sivvi proved more potent). Happily (from a judging standpoint), the final round went rather quickly, as we were in danger of prematurely terminating the round as a result of getting kicked off of the boat at 6:00 a.m. We just beat the deadl ine, and went stumbling happily home...

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