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QT-Atlanta, GA (PT-NY)

Deke Young

134 players attended this function, which the hotel space easily accommodated. While not perfect registration proceeded good enough to start round 1 by 10:58. A shortage of pens, players who new their DCI number, players who could write well enough for another human being to read, players making last minute deck list, etc all slowed but did not cripple the registration process.

Thomas Pannell (level 3) was the Head Judge along with myself (level 1,) Tyler Sexton and a new Judge who's name escapes me. The new Judge took his level 1 test in the same crowded, noisy room as the main event, no easy task. He was discouraged at first taking the test, I tried to encourage him and gave him the advice that the rules were a LOT easier to read after you have taken your first test. On a very positive note for me, Thomas has agreed to test to other level 1 candidates here in Atlanta. We are woefully short staffed for Certified Judges for the size of the Atlanta magic community.

A suggestion for the people who generate the player registration sheets, the top 3 lines should be DCI number, First Name, Last Name. This will make your data entry person much happier as this is the order for data entry. I am going to create a form with 8 large blocks for a DCI number, 15 medium blocks for First Name and 15 medium blocks for Last Name. We will see how well these work at the JSS this weekend. I am going to print these on 3 whole punch stock.

Has anyone tried stapling a blank deck sheet under a blank registration form? I was once again astounded by how many players failed to understand they must turn in both documents for a tournament. I am undecided if 2 sheets stapled together will add or reduce confusion. Regardless I am placing a HUGE block on the deck sheet for Last Name Initial above the 8 large blocks for DCI number.

While I understand the appeal of placing the main event in front and side events to the back of your function space, I would recommend that side events be placed to the side, not rear of the function space. Player foot traffic always causes problems toward the front, and I would just assume that judges do not have to yell through the event to tell side players where booster draft X is starting.

The players were great this tournament, with more positive feedback from happy players than angry feedback from disgruntled players. 50 minute rounds went smoothly as follows:
Round 1 10:58 AM
Round 2 12:08 PM
Round 3 13:14 PM
Round 4 14:21 PM
Round 5 15:27 PM
Round 6 16:28 PM
Round 7 17:35 PM
Round 8 18:40 PM

RULINGS I MADE (Nothing unusual)
1) Enchantress allows you to draw a card when an enchantment is played, regardless if it was countered.
2) Undiscovered Paradise returns to your hand during your next untap phase, not at end of turn. There must be some folk lore out there that Undiscovered Paradise has been errata to EOT. Not a problem for me since I had loaded the 23 Feb Oracle text on my (not the DCI Reporter) Laptop.
3) Playing instants "picked up via Necopotence" during end of turn before discard.
4) Negator blocked by Negator: Placing Negator damage on the stack then pinging the Negator with a Masticore to sacrifice 1 (not 5) permanents.
5) No damage from Mana Vault with Necropotence in play.
6) Creature with 0 toughness buried as a state based effect (several times.)
7) No player has priority while Undiscovered Paradises are returning to hand.
8) Trample damage Negator vs. Warrior En Cor. Player must do at least 2 damage to Warrior before trampling to player.
9) Replenish resolving places all enchantment (comes into play) effects on the stack before any player may add to the stack.
10) Global vs. Local Enchantments (this one surprised me at a Pro Tour Event.)
11) Cannot sacrifice permanents after Pox resolves for Life and Land but before creatures are sacrificed (I used the ";" vs. "." explanation.

I explained case #9 to the player for about 5 minutes before calling Thomas over to explain the same thing with a different voice. In my judging style I try to explain how the rules work, speaking in complete sentences. Thomas explained to the player why he could not play the card he wanted to play. Maybe players prefer this method.

Please e-mail me if listing my rulings on a tournament report:
A) need more detail
B) are just fine
c) are a waste of your time

Top 5 most asked questions (and how I plan to fix them next time:)

1) What time is it?

I had posted when each round ended on the wall behind the desk. Unfortunately there was no clock in the room. I will fix that problem this weekend at the JSS.

2) Where can I get something to eat?

Thomas had decided to play though the 8 rounds of Swiss in order to finish the playoffs before noon. This modified the above question to "Where can I get something to eat before the next round starts." I plan to have maps to local fast food restaurants at the JSS.

3) Is Nemesis legal?

Some players (especially the players from small markets) seem to have heard this "two month rule." More folklore. I will place a notice with the eligible card sets for Standard at the entrance.

4) Are you buying cards?

Remind me to place a large sign over the head of any dealer, and place them far away from the registration desk.

5) Are you signing up booster drafts?

See above #4.

If any other Judge could send me their top five rules questions I am planning to post a top 25 FAQ at the entry to my next event.

Deke Young
Level 1 Judge
deke.young@sciatl.com or deke@mindspring.com
(770) 903-5134

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