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Grand Prix-Cannes

Stephane Gastaud

Background :
GP Cannes was a 300 players team format GP, held in the famous "Palais des Festivals" in Cannes (French Riviera), the 26 th and 27th of February 2000. This is the first Grand Prix in the world in this format : a 3 players team for the tournament. Rules questions were not very varied and plentiful but I can't say more because I had to judge the side event only (This is my first great tournament)

Organisation :
The tournament was a Sealed deck for the first day : Each team gots 2 Mercadian Masques Satrters and 4 Nemesis Boosters. There were two Sealed deck during the day and there were six rounds. The top twenty teams could play the next day. During day 2, there was a rochester draft for the top 20 teams. Each team redrafted each round and the top 4 were admited to play the semi finals.

During the registration, a lot of teams were not preregistred and got registered on the site which caused a delay of about thirty minutes. Some problems with team names, byes granted and numbering each player within each team (players 1, 2, and 3), but I think this is normal

On sunday, the tournament took place in a castle on the island "Ste Marguerite" off Cannes which was an innovation and a pleasant surprise for all the qualified teams. The lanscape was superb and the sunshine was present.. In a word that was a beautiful day..

The Judges :
The judges team was composed of various nationalities, French, English, Italian. Thankfully, almost all judges spoke English reasonably well but many of them spoke a really perfect English. During these two days, we had judges that could speak many european langages and one of them could speak Japanese...

Judge list :

Team 1
Frederico Faenza (Senior judge) Level 2
Fabio Borello Level 3
Herve Grillat Level 1
Yves Buttard Level 2

Team 2
Pierre Calendini (Senior Judge) Level 3
Christine Sienkiewcz Level 1
Laurent Louchez Level 2
Riccardo Sandroni Level 2

Team 3
Mathieu Poujade (Senior Judge) Level 3
Andrea Chiarvesio Level 2
Ludovic Arnaud Level 2

Team 4
Stephane "Maurice" Blanchon (Senior Judge) Level 3
Gideon Moss Level 2
Patrice Boulet Level 2

Team 5
Richard Clyne (Senior Judge) Level 3
David Vogin Level 2
Fabien Cazassus Level 2

On the side event we had many judges :
Stephane Gastaud Level 1
Michael Bouet
Christophe Loyre
Ali... (And sorry for the other, I don't remember their name...)

All the judges were very specialized if we consider the language barrier. We couldn't forget all the Wizards Staff (Christophe, Felix....) without whom this event would not have been such a succes. With all of that, the GP could begin and a 48 h marathon started. Many tournament were organised under the control of Philippe (draft, sealed, standard. ..) with Corean, Japanese, English... cards. For my part I made only a few interventions had to do and I did not have big problems for judging these side events. (Thanks to the players!!!) I hope I'll have the oportunity to experience a similar event soon

Stephane "No fear" GASTAUD
France - Judge Level 1

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