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Nemesis Prerelease-Rochester, NY

John Grant

John Grant, Level 2 (Head Judge)
Nemesis Pre-Release
Saturday, February 5, 2000
Rochester, New York

83 Participants
7 Rounds
Sealed Deck Format
3 Level 2 Judges
1 Level 1 Judge

The current catchword among many local players is 'random'. For instance, "I got beat in the first round by some random guy" or "that deck is completely random" (I trust this means "There are several card choices you've made that I disagree with and I do not believe you can win with it" :-). Sadly, I've become infected by this recent Magic slang and am compelled to offer these random observations about the Nemesis Pre-Release in Rochester, New York.

1) Due to navigational errors, the event started a bit late. Everyone was patient and forgiving about this, and I am most grateful.

2) Blastoderm was easily the biggest problem child for this event for the simple reason that the business about being untargetable gets lost in all that flavor text about fading. Three people (all of whom would otherwise know better) asked me to fix unfixable games because of Blastoderms they allowed to be Toppled.

3) Pokemon *is* the gateway game to Magic: The Gathering. If you there's anything you can do about it, don't waste this opportunity.

4) I think it's been stated before, but I would like to repeat it: People that rules lawyer at this kind of event need attention. I find the time to give it to them as soon as possible because they can quickly ruin what is supposed to be a fun event.

5) For at least 15 players, this was their first sanctioned event.

6) At least four people attempted to play under 5th Edition combat rules.

7) The free booster coupon (offered on the Wizards's website) was a HUGE hit.

8) Players seemed to like the new set. Many players thought that Mercadian Masques got stale quickly and were disappointed at its lack of Extended-worthy cards. Some said they thought that Nemesis had good synergy with Mercadian and there might be a few cards in the set usable in extended.

It was a good time, as always; already looking forward to Prophecy. Hope to see some of you at GP-Philadelphia.

Play fair, play often,
John Grant

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