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Nemesis Prerelease-Mobile, AL

Gregory Shorey

5 Feb 2000

This was the first premier event held in the Mobile area, there is not a game store within 50 miles that sponsors sanctions tournaments. The event had a turn out of 93 players, over 30 of them were new to the DCI. We had three judges to handle the main tournament and all side events.

We started answering questions on what does land out and in mean (we were using five card land swap) and then explaining how many total basic lands are you playing in your deck. One of the most frequent rules question had to do with how the combat step works. A lot of players would say I'm attacking and immanently assign their attacking creatures, instead of waiting to see if their opponent was going to prevent their attack or tap some creatures before declaring which creatures are attacking. So we back the game state up declaring the attack phase and then breaking the phase into its sub steps. A question that I could believe was asked one player had a lighting hound ( red creature) in play with a ancestral mask (green enchantment) on it. His opponent played Cho-Manno's (white enchantment) blessing naming green. He thought since the mask was already on the hound it would stay on the hound because that is what is friend told him.

Running booster draft side events were also a lot of fun, because in every side event there were a few who and never been in a booster draft. So you had to explain how the draft was conducted. Also several players did not realize you could play with more than four of a card in your deck in this format of play.

This tournament was a major learning experience for the Mobile area players. Hopefully the players who showed will bring to their local play groups, correct ruling for sixth edition play of Magic.

Gregory Shorey
Level 2

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