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JSS-Denver, CO

Sean Smith

Location: Enchanted Grounds, Denver, Colorado, USA
Date: 8 January 2000
Format: Type II

Number of Players : 62
Rounds : 7
Tournament Organizer : Steve Boeff
Head Judge : Sean Smith Level I

The Junior Super Series Qualifier in Denver was a resounding success, the turnout surprised everyone involved. Perhaps it was the Foil Thran Quarry for each participant, perhaps it was Steve Boeff's advertising know-how, either way we had 62 participants ranging from 8 years old to 16 years old.

The day was very smooth, the only technical difficulty was a lack of a printer to print the pairings and standings throughout the day. As pointed out we did not expect this many players and normally pairings are done with people just looking at the screen and finding a table. With 62 people, this was not practical and I resorted to the tried and true method of reading the pairings out.

The kids were great, they were actually easier to manage than the players at a big local tournament. They were quiet for the pair off readings and enthusiastic all day.

From a judging standpoint, my hardest decisions during the day came when "seasoned" veteran tournament players were matched up against "inexperience" young players and the younger play made an error. I always sided towards lenient rulings and made this very clear at the being of each round, the day was meant to be a fun day for all and it turned out that way. Fortunately in every case both players were happy with my ruling on the situation and as the day progressed, this became less of an issue.

The winner was Mason Phelps a 16 year old local playing Green Beatdown, he played well throughout the day and won the mirror match against Justin Bryant in the Finals.

The day gave me a taste of what is involved in running big events and I look forward to being heavily involved in the upcoming Nemesis prerelease's and sitting for my Level II in March when James Lee is in town for PTQ - New York.

Have a great day.

Sean Smith

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