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QT-Madison, WI (PT-NY)

Darrell Wyatt

1/22, 2000
TO: Steve Port
Head Judge: Darrell Wyatt Lvl III

The PTQ was actually in a suburb Madison, Sun Prairie. It was snowing when I left home. I didn't think that we would get a lot of people because of that. I was wrong. We got 100 in the tournament, a good amount for the location, with or without snow. This gave us seven glorious rounds.

Before the first round even began I was answering rules questions, ranging from Planar Void vs. Academy Rector to tricks with Tombstone Stairwell (yes, there was somebody playing this there and the dealers there sold half a dozen). We started later than planned. Partially due to one person having a 138-card deck, in large hardcover sleeves, and also due to late arrivals. Just before we got the last deck sheet in, someone would come in asking if it was too late to sign up. We had planned to start at 10:00 but actually got started about 20 minutes after.

Rules questions were fast and furious in the first couple of rounds, but quickly slowed down afterwards. I did wind up giving match losses to two people who decided to flip a coin to decide the match after time was called and neither had won after the extra turns. When I informed them of my decision (I saw this personally), one tried to argue that they flipped the coin for 'fun'. Eventually the other admitted it, although it was to his friend but in earshot of Steve.

The top eight got started around 6:30. The decks (most of which I've been asked not to put on a public forum) were quite varied. Some of the decks were (because I can't remember them all) a Stasis deck, a Donate deck, a Counter Sliver variant, a Recurring Nightmare deck, a red burn deck, and a Necro deck. The Sliver deck eventually beat the Donate deck to win the invite.

Overall the tournament went well. Beyond the coin-flip incident, everyone had a good time. The amount of different decks available in this format makes it the most active judging season (short of maybe pre-releases), especially this early on. We got out of there after 10:00. I'm glad it was a short ride home.

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